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For this reason, clinical education has been made mandatory for those acquiring a degree in nursing. The standard of a nurse is determined by the quality of practice he or she has been subjected to…
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The clinical Leaning environment
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Nursing Nursing is a profession that requires a lot of practice as a pre-requisite. For thisreason, clinical education has been made mandatory for those acquiring a degree in nursing. The standard of a nurse is determined by the quality of practice he or she has been subjected to. Clinical experience provides a platform to translate one’s theoretical learning into experience (Twentyman, Eaton and Henderson).
Personally, I had the privilege of working at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. I really liked the environment because of the extremely well-qualified and helpful teachers. The relationship of the teaching staff has a significant impact on the quality of nurses, it is one of the most crucial factors that are necessary for a positive learning environment. Teachers are also a channel towards better learning opportunities and many students identify that the attitude of teachers towards students and access to better learning are very important towards their development.
Another factor which in my opinion is extremely important for proper clinical placement is proper professional orientation. Many nurses are being ill-treated in different clinics because of less staff, work load and many a times, the staff feels threatened by the nurses. All these problems were not encountered by me during my work here.
Also, in this hospital, the staff was very resourceful in terms of their knowledge and experience. It was encouraging, supportive and acceptable towards minor mistakes. The entire experience of your clinical placement is shaped by the overall culture of the ward. It gets uncomfortable when students face unfamiliar patients and hard to follow schedules. If students are accepted wholeheartedly in the ward and are appreciated for their interest in the field, the clinical experience becomes better. Hence professional, educational and learning influences do impact on one’s overall clinical experience.
Although in my opinion, my CLE was near perfect, but here was one area which i felt needed improvement and that was the proper training for those nurses who enter the Intensive care Unit or ICU. This unit is one of the most sensitive units in the hospital and one should be subjected to some special learning procedures in order to become a master at those skills. This problem is not only pertinent to this hospital but worldwide also; there are really few publications that focus on those nurses who are entering the ICU for the first time. So I think this area needs a little bit improvement.
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Twentyman, Michelle, Emma Eaton and Amanda Henderson. "Enhancing support for nursing students in the clinical setting." Nurs Times 102.14 (2006): 35-7. Read More
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The Clinical Leaning Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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