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An audit of current provision and critical reflection of the Learning Environment where intervention groups are currently conduc - Essay Example

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AN AUDIT OF CURRENT PROVISION AND CRITICAL REFLECTION OF THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT WHERE INTERVENTION GROUPS ARE CURRENTLY CONDUCTED Institution Date Introduction In the last two decades, the concept inclusion in primary education system has become one of the most controversial topics…
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An audit of current provision and critical reflection of the Learning Environment where intervention groups are currently conduc
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Download file to see previous pages However, the effectiveness of this initiative has remained an issue of concern to a good number of modern scholars and policy implementers in the United Kingdom (Hayward, 2006, p. 257). Although the term inclusion is not a legal concept, the term is used consistently in primary schools and many middle level schools to educate professionals and community members on the significance of supporting people with disabilities to perform effective in formal and informal education system. In most instances, inclusion programmes differ consistently both in terms of implementation and definition in different schools and societies. Some variables, such as the nature and amount of support and school infrastructures, differ from child to child, school to school and from one country to another. As defined by global scholars, inclusion entails a situation where pupils with disabilities are trained in regular education classroom using the available resources on fulltime bases (Evans, 1989, p.910). Disabled students therefore become part of the entire education systems, and therefore, they consistently participate in all areas of classroom culture. In inclusion programme, students are expected to effectively participate in various activities such as in library activities, assembly’s activities, lunchtime activities, arts activities, in physical education and in playground activities. Inclusion has its root cause in Civil Rights Movements in United Kingdom and United States of America (DFES, 2005, p. 245). The hypothesis behind the introduction of this policy was that separate training and education among children with disabilities failed to provide an overall solution to the problems that affected disabled people. Therefore, in order to attain equal access to education facilities, children with disabilities ought to be educated in the same training institution and system with children who do not have physical and mental disabilities. Purpose of inclusion for pupils with SEND A good number of modern scholars have written different publications with an aim of explaining some of the main benefits of inclusion education among disabled children. However, based on the available facts, inclusion education offers an authentic learning environment among disabled children in primary schools. This benefit is based on the assumption that at one time in their lives; children with disabilities will become part of the general society. Therefore, they ought to interact with other people in order to understand the society’s norms and regulations. In interacting with community members, children who do not have disabilities will encounter people with disabilities, and therefore, effective interaction at the initial development stage will offer an avenue that will train them on some of the most effective means of dealing with physically challenged people. Therefore, in the attempt to foster competence and understanding instead of fear, it is important that children be exposed to people of all abilities and disabilities in their initial training. The creation of a learning environment that have microcosm of the society and that include people from all lifestyles including physically challenged people is very essential and critical in enhancing students’ future activities and performances (Kochhar, West & Taymans, 2000, p. 89). In addition, inclusion programme offers an opportunity for students to be exposed to various learning and training methods on a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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