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Scottish Education Debate: Dyslexia and Curriculum for Excellence - Essay Example

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Scottish government have demonstrated concern in devising literacy plans which will ensure inclusion in education. The Scottish government has been instrumental in creating policies that influence the provision of education in Scotland…
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Scottish Education Debate: Dyslexia and Curriculum for Excellence
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Download file to see previous pages Educators and the Scottish government have demonstrated concern on the literacy trend in the country. While studies show that most children develop literacy skills during early stages of learning, adult literacy survey conducted in 2009 indicated that literacy skills is concern that the government should address. The survey indicated that some adults had limited capabilities in demonstrating their literacy skills. The findings of the survey pointed on the nature of literacy program that children received in their early stages of learning. A proposal about a special concern to children with dyslexia disability is very critical because it influences individual literacy skills. The Additional Support for Learning Act 2004 sought to provide inclusive education. The proponent of the act observed the special needs of children with learning disabilities. Education psychologists propose special attention to children with dyslexia conditions. In most cases, the dyslexic children demonstrate the following difficulties when learning. Auditory or visual difficulties, phonological difficulties, language difficulties, short memory or work retention, weak concentration, inconsistent spelling, inability to copy notes, and poor self image among other literacy impairment. The above challenges that dyslexic children receive in education system call for special response or a different approach, which does not reflect the trends applicable in normal school programs.
The priorities of the Learning Act 2004 are critical to the mode of classroom delivery because it dictate identification of the pupil’s talent as well as his or her mental and physical abilities (Ellis 8). The potential of a young child would be evident through the displayed abilities. In the same way, dyslexic has potential, which the educators are able to tap when they receive a special concern. Inclusion policy addresses concern of every child. This means that the education system must have special provisions for children facing the dyslexic condition. Critics in the education sector believe that introducing inclusive education system would amount to creation of special centres of where the attention of children with disabilities can achieve full attention. It would be a disservice when a child suffering dyslexia does not receive social support from the teachers as well as the parents. Psychological theories of learning describe various stages of development as well as the observable responses from the learners. However, some learners fail to demonstrate the normal trends. While the circumstances within the child’s environment would be instrumental to learning as argued by Bandura theory of visual learning, some children demonstrate unusual response to the environment (Pirrie 13). Learning process is difficult especially in an environment where the learner feels withdrawn. Psychologists associate lack of attention or short memory as symptoms of dyslexia (Connelly, 181). In such situation, the teacher will have to offer additional attention to the child or use other supportive learning materials to deliver in classroom. However, addressing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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