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Context of professional practice - Essay Example

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Nursing: Legal and Professional Ethical Principles Institution Name Date Nursing: Legal and Professional Ethical Principles Ethics entails the application of moral values in the practice of medicine. However, it is not enough to offer medical services to a patient as you would wish to be offered yourself…
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Context of professional practice
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, as a clinician, I usually ensure that I am up to date with advancing improvised legislation subject to all laws and guidelines laid down by my professional body. In UK, certain principles have been enshrined in good medical practices that ensure every health worker must follow regarding patient treatment. Notably, these legal principles bound me to numerous principles of care for my patients. Personally, I consider treating patients as a significant practice; nonetheless, I usually relate all the requirements as suggested by the General Medical Council in the UK. For instance, dignity and total respect for patients are my greatest importance in offering medical services. Clinicians are expected to provide care that meets the individual’s expectations despite that it very difficult when face with the need to make efficient use of the available resources. Therefore, it is upon me to put into consideration the public interests and practice within the specified legal boundaries. According to the UK specifications, all treatments and care should take into account the individual needs and preferences of the patient. Moreover, patients are entitled to the best possible care irrespective of their age, ethnicity, sexuality, religious beliefs, color or politics. Thus, as medical practitioner it is my responsibility to provide total support for the patient regardless of their age, ethnicity, sexuality, religious beliefs, color or politics. On the other hand, as part of offering the best to our patients, there should be efforts in maintaining a good standard of clinical practice. Notably, medicine is changing rapidly. For this reason, we cannot maintain the good standards of clinical practice unless we keep our knowledge and skills updated. This has been made a fundamental requirement and is no longer an extra. In ensuring the best clinical practice, we must have an individual development plan. Therefore, we should allocate sufficient time to offer medical services to patients in a strategized manner. Good clinical practice entails being conscientious and ensuring that enough time is devoted to providing safe and effective support and care (Hendrick et al., 2013; Pg. 25). Therefore, as an individual within the practice, I usually read medical book regarding my practice and all the entailed requirements. Confidentiality is also a vital element in offering medical services to patients both in the hospital and at home. This element is protected in the Hippocratic Oath. The legislation that governs the process of private information is contained in the data protection act. The act requires medical practitioners to respect and keep in secret all personal information regarding the patient. Moreover, the act requires that information concerning the patient’s sickness should only be disclosed upon the patient’s permission. All clinicians are subject to the confidentiality legislation. Notably, breach of confidentiality may have strict consequences for the clinician/patient relationship as well as the clinician’s reputation. However, in some occasions, one’s obligations to the people’s safety and public good override the confidentiality duty to the patient. Nonetheless, as a clinician I may be forced to disclose patient’s information in case of a serious crime; however, I am obligated to keep such information confidential. Other occasions where the confidentiali ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Context of Professional Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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