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( Ethic and law) for nursing - Case Study Example

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Healthcare workers are required to fulfil both the legal and ethical requisites of the practice in order to protect the lives and respect the…
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Case study ( Ethic and law) for nursing
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Extract of sample "( Ethic and law) for nursing"

Download file to see previous pages Sue lied about making observations.
Ben, an assistant Nurse, was assigned to carry out a task without supervision from Sue. The assistant was not legally allowed to carry out the intervention without nursing supervision, as he was not yet licensed to practice nursing and was only in his second year.
Value-laden terms are terms that indicate positive or negative emphasis, which may then have favourable or unfavourable effects on patients (White & Duncan, 2002). These statements may also refer to good or bad things, which may be evaluated based on the viewpoint of the person acknowledging their existence. In this case study, Emily expressed that her symptoms (hot, nauseated, headache) were still persistent. When consulted about these symptoms, Sue said that the patient was likely just having a cold and that she just needed to rest. The nurse discounted the patient’s symptoms, simply deriding their seriousness. In effect, the terms used by the patient were not given much value, but the value of these terms was already very much significant to the patient. From a nursing perspective, nurses should provide value to the terms used by the patients; they should have either equal or greater value, but never lesser value because this would make the patient feel that she is not being properly cared for (White & Duncan, 2002).
Autonomy is based on the principle of independence and self-determination. The principle of autonomy is based on the patient’s right to control his or her care, to make decisions on his or her care and even to decline care (Masters, 2009).
Emily’s autonomy was violated when the nurse did not attend to health concerns (nausea, headache and feeling hot), because according to Nurse Sue, she was already old and dying, anyway. Not responding to her request for symptomatic relief meant that the nurse did not support Emily’s autonomy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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