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Interactive Learning Environment - Assignment Example

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This paper gives detailed information about analysis of one of the interactive learning environments i.e. Multi-User Virtual Environments. Also, it discusses Various aspects such as the capabilities and the advantages along with the disadvantages of this particular interactive learning environment…
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Interactive Learning Environment
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Extract of sample "Interactive Learning Environment"

Download file to see previous pages  MUVEs are typically viewed as a popular structure of multimedia-based entertainment. It has been apparently observed that MUVEs are broadly executed in the field of education. The relevance of MUVEs to a learner can be determined by focusing on its usage particularly in the area of education. In this similar context, MUVEs are enthusiastically employed in education for a broad assortment of reasons. The reasons include generating online communities for the learners in order to provide greater opportunities relating to their professional advancements, involving in science-based activities with the intention of fostering communally responsive behaviors and supporting the learners to promote their moral as well as social developments through enrichment of societal cultures or cultural values. In addition, MUVEs are also used in education for delivering an environment of programming as well as collaboration, artistically discovering new mathematical perceptions and most importantly engrossing in any sort of scientific inquiry. The educational based MUVEs are specially designed for the learners in order to support their conceptual understanding along with inquiry-based learning. The different facets of MUVEs that comprise accessing diverse virtual contexts, establishing effective communication with other participants and interacting with various modernized digital artifacts ultimately prove to be quite relevant for a learner to advance his or her career in the field of education (Dieterle & Clarke, n.d.).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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