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The first article by Papastavrou et al (2011): A cross-cultural study of the concept of caring through behaviors: patients and nurses perspectives in…
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Visions for ethical, caring nursing care
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Visions for Ethical, Caring Nursing Care The articles give insight into ethical nursing theories and how these theories govern nursing care in health care institutions. The first article by Papastavrou et al (2011): A cross-cultural study of the concept of caring through behaviors: patients and nurses perspectives in six different EU countries ( Journal of Advanced Nursing) gives insight into nursing principles in the countries sampled and outlines how these have impacted on health issues. The second article by Watson (2006): Caring theory as an ethical guide to Administrative and Caring Practices( Nursing Administration Quarterly Jan-Mar; 3-(1): 48-55) discusses the relationship that exists between economics, caring and administrative practices, and what is missing in this currently. The author asserts that a professional ethos is required so that health institutions are well managed. Therefore, health practice should be ethics based.
The aforementioned articles illustrate similar concepts that are well illustrated by various ethical theories; utilitarianism, deontology and virtue theory. The utilitarianism theory requires that we are able to know consequences of our actions before performing these actions. Therefore, when performing tasks, it is important to go for those that are ethically correct. This theory when injected into health practice will ensure that only those actions that are ethically correct are done by nurses and other health care practitioners (Melden 2008, p12).
The Deontological theory asserts that people are required to perform their duties and obligations when faced with ethical dilemmas. This theory when applied in nursing practice ensures that health care experts will always perform their obligations for the benefit of customers. The virtue theory is different from the other theories in that there is no emphasis on ethical rules, but instead the emphasis is on teaching people virtues like kindness, generosity and courtesy. Therefore, this theory ensures that health care mangers teach their employees virtues that would improve nursing practice (Melden 2008, p50).
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