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This essay, The Hypertension as High Blood Problem, presents Hypertension which is High Blood pressure and this patient has presented with a diagnosed HX of Hypertension. Blood Pressure is the measure of the pressure of blood against the walls of artery’s. …
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The Hypertension as High Blood Problem
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NURSING A SHORT CASE STUDY Hypertension James Webster Hypertension is High Blood pressure and this patient has presented with a diagnosed HX of Hypertension. Blood Pressure is the measure of the pressure of blood against the walls of artery’s. This is usually caused by a build of Cholesterol on the artery walls causing a narrowing of the arteries and an increased blood pressure. This patient has also been diagnosed with a high Cholesterol count. The first course of action will be to lower her blood pressure by reducing the amount of cholesterol in her blood. HX of Hypertension is family history related and there is no cure (Reflex,2011}, therefore changes in life style to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure is the only option in this case. As it is widely accepted that smoking may cause High Blood Pressure and heart disease, giving up smoking should be her first priority. There are a variety of methods to achieve this and she should be made aware of them. She will have to take measures in respect of her diet to reduce the amount of salt that she consumes and should be aware of the salt content of the packaged food she uses. The same care should be undertaken with her intake of fat. She should also be advised to reduce her alcohol consumption to an acceptable level. She should make get regular exercise to assist in the loss of weight which will also assist in the reduction of cholesterol and high blood pressure. Stress is a major factor in high blood pressure and she will have to make an undertaking to control her stress levels.
Her physician will give her medications help in reducing her cholesterol and also Diuretics to reduce salt and fluid from her kidneys. She will need to have regular blood tests and have her blood pressure measured on a regular basis to ensure that all aspects of her disease are kept at acceptable levels.
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