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A research study uses information gathered from the survey to generalize findings from a drawn sample back to a population, within the limits of random error. Sample size is considered as one of the four inter-related features of a study design that can affect the findings of…
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Fasting Times
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Fasting Times The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit to describe the problem encountered in choosing sample in research study and (2) to provide important action to cope with it.
Fasting Times
A research study uses information gathered from the survey to generalize findings from a drawn sample back to a population, within the limits of random error. Sample size is considered as one of the four inter-related features of a study design that can affect the findings of significant differences, relationships or interactions. The determination of sample size is a common task for many organizational researchers. Inappropriate, inadequate, or excessive sample sizes continue to influence the quality and accuracy of research.
Determining the sample size in the preoperative patient who needs to undergo fasting may encounter some problems when obtaining representativein the study. First is the sample selection biased that can influence the research study if a non-random sampleof a population in which all individuals, or instances, were not equally likely to have been selected. Thus, results can be erroneously attributed to the phenomenon under study rather than to the method of sampling. Self-selection will be according to the willingness to participate in the study of individuals and there is a tendency that more educated person will agree to join the study. Another is limited response rate where some of the representative cannot fully respond to the activity that is being asked to them (Macnee &McCabe, 2008, 138).
Generally, sampling errors and biases are induced by the sample design. Therefore, a researcher must utilize certain sampling methods in choosing representative randomly in the population to have a chance of being included in the study. The difficulty can also be mitigated by weighting the data when population standards are available or by imputing data based on answers to other questions.
Macnee, C. L. & McCabe, S. (2008). Understanding Nursing Research: Using Research in Evidence-Based Practice (2nd ed.) (p. 136 - 140). New York: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Read More
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