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Parenting and child development - Essay Example

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There are intracultural variations in the socialization values of Nso parents, depending on gender, generation, place of residence, religion and education, although they share their intention of influencing their children toward adult models.
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Parenting and child development
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Download file to see previous pages Parental values and attitudes foreshadow parental goals and programs, with children taking on parental values depending on the structure of the society. Nso parental values, particularly parental expectations and reinforcement, promote the anticipatory socialization and guided participation of children in the routine work of the family and community. This study pointed out that parental values critically influence children’s development. Nso parents help children to accept and understand their identity and behavior as future adults. This situation engages children in anticipatory socialization, that is, peer-group activities related to the knowledge and practices needed for the adult world. Child-to-child interactions are more important than parents-to-child interactions. The intensity and harshness of the descriptors used by the Palestinian children and to a lesser extent by the Israeli-Jewish children underscore the presence of ethnic stereotyping as young as 4 years of age. It emphasizes as well that efforts to reduce ethnic stereotyping must begin at an early age. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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