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Sexual Orientation in Human Development - Research Paper Example

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This discussion talks about the number of special problems in human development, that is so large as to be almost infinite. And it's important to highlight that in the debate over nature versus nurture, researchers are attempting to understand the origin of sexual orientation…
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Sexual Orientation in Human Development
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Extract of sample "Sexual Orientation in Human Development"

Download file to see previous pages Does the environment in which an individual lives affect his sexual orientation or does sexual orientation have a genetic basis? The research on both sides is unclear, and the genesis of sexual orientation is important for social and political reasons as sexual orientation is currently a controversial topic in society.
Additionally, sexual orientation deals with the debates between the importance of early life and later life experience and whether development is continuous or discontinuous. Do events in an individual’s life, either early in life or later in life, push them toward a certain sexual orientation? Also, is the development of sexual orientation a process that occurs throughout the life of an individual or is it accomplished within a certain stage of development?
Lastly, the determination of whether certain sexual orientations are abnormal is currently a debate. Originally, psychology classified homosexual behavior as abnormal, but now, psychology considers sexual orientation as an individual difference.
While human development has been a concentration of psychology for almost the entire length of the discipline’s history, research on sexual orientation has been lacking. As Charlotte Patterson (1995) notes, the need to understand the development of sexual orientation has become increasingly important with the increased social and political emphasis on sexual issues. She points to the fact that psychology has largely ignored sexual minorities but that research is increasing. Of current concern is that there is no clear understanding of what causes the development of sexual orientation. Also, homosexuality and other non-heterosexual orientations are largely unstudied. Researchers are not even clear on the size of these minority populations or the effect that their sexuality has upon them. On the side of nature, many researchers are looking for genetic links to sexual orientation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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LeVay did a study of the brain to ascertain the cause and the differences in the sexual orientation of the different people and had some interesting reports and facts to present (LeVay &Valente, 2006). The main focus of his study was the brain of the male...
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