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The Sociology of Nursing and Patient Care - Essay Example

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This essay follows an observational approach to analyze abilities of a nurse’s routine with the particular patient, using literary materials and a reflective type of perspective. The conclusion emphasizes how the use of sociological thought can be of benefit to the role of a nurse and the patient…
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The Sociology of Nursing and Patient Care
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Extract of sample "The Sociology of Nursing and Patient Care"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The Sociology of Nursing and Patient Care" follows an observational approach to analyze abilities of a nurse’s routine with this particular patient, using literary materials and a reflective type of perspective. The conclusion emphasizes how the use of sociological thought can be of benefit to the role of a nurse and the patient.
The story of “Peeling the Onion” is about a young girl who has been in a severe car accident. The scenarios that transpire define how the role of nurses sociologically affect the patients own behaviors and emotions by the way in which the interactions take place. This poor girl is suffering from multiple injuries and is lucky to be alive; the nurses and medical doctors that are depicted in the story give rise to numerous concerns from a sociological context. Wright C. Mills coined theory of, “sociological imagination” gives clarification to this girl’s problem, as his theorization was designed to understand the social realization of individuals own adversities based upon the social position they might find themselves, such as in this young girl’s current predicament. One of the main negativities that are found in this girl’s circumstance is in how the nursing staffs relative indifference towards this patient makes her feel alienated, which could also pose as a complication from a cultural perspective since the racial identity is left to be questioned. Mills points out that it is the past experiences and history of them that affect individuals social perspectives the most. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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