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1. In the context of the strengthening of national health systems and doing away with the healthcare inequities, the health care systems the world over simply cannot do without taking into consideration the crucial role played by the nursing profession in the gargantuan task of…
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Nursing art and science
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Download file to see previous pages ernational and national health care systems and facilities is bound to facilitate a better and improved cooperation and communication amongst the varied human elements of health care, impressively bettering the standards of patient care, a systematic accumulation of data on the part of the nursing professionals to assure a better evaluation of the end results of nursing care, a greater adherence on the part of the nursing professionals to the agreed upon standards of nursing care and a realistic and satisfactory assessment of nursing care, thereby pragmatically and positively impacting the overall visibility of nursing at a national and global level (who 2006). A formal recognition of the contribution of the achievements and contributions of the nurses in the running and management of health care facilities and institutions will not only boost the morale of the nursing professionals, but could also be positively be expected to address the problem of a severe shortage of qualified and skilled nurses across the developed world. Recognition of the difference made by the nursing professionals in the cause of health care will accord a salubrious visibility to the nursing profession, thereby encouraging and stimulating the potential candidates to affiliate to the cause of health care and service.
A formal recognition of the contribution of the nursing professionals in the health care systems is a subject that is not merely confined to verbal declarations and speeches, but is rather something that solicits a practical implementation and actions in the varied aspects of health care. It calls for a commitment on the part of national and international health care bodies and institutions towards the training and retention of nursing professionals, helping them develop the appropriate skill mix and abilities, applicable at all levels, be it at the level of primary health care or at state of the art, high speciality institutions (WHO 2011). This calls for the extension of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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