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Nursing Theory - Transcultural Nursing - Assignment Example

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This paper attempts to explore the aspects of nursing through the metaphors of a telescope, a periscope, and a microscope; hence the term, “the scope of nursing.” Nursing theory is the telescopic view, taking large amounts of information and postulating correlations between events and occurrences…
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Nursing Theory - Transcultural Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The research presents that it is more of a surface view of nursing without the practical application, the periscope view. Nursing practice is the fine tuning of all that has been studied and theorized into a microscopic view and applied to the reality of patient care. All three aspects of nursing are equally important and must continually be refined and researched to provide best practices for all patients everywhere.
As the essay stresses there are three basic approaches to nursing theory which each describe the scope of nursing theory. Nursing knowledge is very similar to looking through a telescope; there are many conceptual theories which provide insight, however lack the empirical testing to prove them. Nursing as a discipline is considered a mid-range theory in that it somewhat bridges the gap between the grand theories and the actual nursing practice; much as looking through a periscope would provide a view for the world around us. Nursing as a professional practice gives the most in-depth view of all, providing practical solutions and information to help direct nursing interventions and outcomes, much like looking through a microscope. There are four basic paradigms that comprise a nursing theory: the person, the environment, the health, and the nursing. Each of these has associated with it various concepts, assumptions, and definitions. The view through the telescope takes the big picture, the Grand theory, and researches the concepts and constructs. This produces a proposition that connects the theory to knowledge gained, providing a surface view of the potential for nursing application. This proposition leads to a conceptual model which further defines and refines the practical application of this theory to give a microscopic view of the theory in action. (Current Nursing, 2011) The entire concept of nursing theory works as a circular phenomenon. Grand theories are postulated to improve nursing practice. It is for this reason that nursing research is ongoing to provide the knowledge and insight to help direct practice and effect outcomes. They predict and explain information that is crucial to outcomes that maximize potential for quality nursing care and cost effectiveness. They also help assess and improved practice by providing criteria for measuring outcomes and rationales for nursing practice. This research yields information, conclusions and recommendations for practical nursing applications. (Life Nurses, 2009) Nursing knowledge is the bridge between the theory and practical applications of nursing. It is an area of common ground that helps give definition to the profession as distinguishing it from other professions. It provides the answer to “why” nurses perform certain actions, as well as “how” they do them. It allows nurses to question practices and redefine care to act based on criteria and rationale that have a sound base in nursing research. Nursing knowledge gives nurses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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