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Images of the Art and Science of Nursing - Essay Example

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Images of the Art and Science of Nursing Date Abstract The essay aims to provide an opportunity to continue on exploration of the art and science in nursing. Furthermore, the essay entails the potential benefits and limitations of using visual images in gaining greater appreciation of the art and science of nursing…
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Images of the Art and Science of Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages 1). Nursing as a science involves the scientific and theoretical explanation of certain phenomena. It observes, identifies, describes, and experiments on issues affecting the delivery of health. On the other hand, nursing as an art is the humanistic and creative application of the result of science. Basavanthappa (2004) identified that the art of clinical nursing is directed into four main goals: (1) understanding the patient’s condition, situation, or need, (2) enhancement of patient’s capability, (3) improvement of patient’s condition following a medical plan, and (4) prevention of remission and exacerbations which may cause anxiety, disability, or stress (p. 1). Contemporary nursing has evolved to a learned discipline and profession that combines the science and art of caring. Nursing combines scientific body of knowledge derived from primitive beliefs to high technology era and humanistic caring. Nursing focuses on the client’s response to illness, promotes health, and assists clients to move to a higher level of wellness. Nursing also provide care and assistance during a terminal illness by providing comfort and preserving dignity during the end-phase of life (White, 2005, p. 41). The development of nursing as a science and an art is traced through its rich history, array of visual images, and influence of social factors. Image Selection To further describe the art and science of nursing, six images were selected which depicted the historical and modern concept of the art and science of nursing. Among the images chosen are of Florence Nightingale, patient settings during Crimean War, nurse-patient ratio during early times, contemporary nurse-patient interaction, operating room scenario, and health informatics in nursing. The images are described below: A. Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) pioneered the concept of modern nursing. She was also credited for uplifting the standards of nursing and developing nursing as a science and an art. Nightingale persistently advocated cleanliness, good nutrition, and fresh air as well as the reform in health care (White, 2005, p. 44). During this time, nurses, care for the wounded around the clock with the oil lamps along them to light their way in the darkness. Similarly, this oil lamp represents Nightingale for she was able to give light to the darkness of caring and implemented scientific and artistic caring. Through Florence Nightingale’s principles, nursing practice and environmental modifications resulted in reduced morbidity and mortality rates during the war. (White, 2005, p. 44) She also worked to gain the public’s approval in producing well-educated nurses and for the concepts that were still used today such as a systematic method of assessing clients, individualized care based on the client’s need and preferences, and confidentiality (White, 2005, p. 45). Nightingale is one of the most outstanding figures that truly illustrated the foundation of scientific and artistic nursing. (Image retrieved from B. The Crimean War The outbreak of war in the Crimea, a peninsula on the north shore of the Black Sea from 1854 to 1856 marked the historical evolution of nursing practice and the birth of scientific and artistic nursing. War casualties outrageously increase and the British government became the consistent subject of national criticism. In light ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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