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Nursing Professional Collaboration - Developing Professional Identity Helping mankind is a noble deed, but helping a person is the greatest of all. When a person is ill it seems that all has come to an end. Hope starts drifting away and the person seems death is certain…
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Nursing Professional Collaboration - Developing Professional Identity
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Download file to see previous pages This angel is no other than the nurse, who takes care of her patient as if it were her own. Nursing is a profession aims to provide medical assistance to individuals, families, community in their times of distress and illness. When I was a kid I thought of every wild profession to choose when I grow up. But as I grew up a lot of changes occurred and I had a severe accident and was hospitalized. At first it seemed that all was lost and I might never recover. The doctors would chat merrily with me to keep my hopes up but somehow I would not trust them. My nurse whom I came to realize during my stay at the hospital was a human but worked like a machine all day long. She would attend to several patients of every illness thinkable but would keep a happy face and seeing her work furiously around gave me strength and I decided to be like her and help people in their time of greatest need. Hospitals face a great shortage of nurses and this makes nurses to work long shifts. But I was not frightened by the long shifts in fact it strengthened my decision and I studied to become a professional nurse in the future. “Ontario Nurses Association predicts a nationwide loss if 15000 nurses in the nest several years due to changes in system (Hiscott, 1998).” Although living in the US I read about the profession in other parts of the world too. Having completed my basic education and now as a student nurse I thought about the doctors who pass us instructions. Doctor’s instructions guide us how to manage a patient’s medicines. “Like many evolutional careers, outdated or previous trends persist in nurses (Jones & Bartlett, 2009).” Considering my decision to enter the medical services field, I considered becoming a doctor. My search in the both revealed that a doctor might be earning more than a nurse but his knowledge is limited. I say limited in a sense that a doctor has no concern about the patients that are not related to him. Doctors are specialized in their desired fields. A heart surgeon would not deal any patient that is not a heart patient. Similarly an orthopedic has no concern with a dental patient. A nurse on the other hand would deal all these patients with the restriction of knowledge. Because doctors cannot attend to a patient whose category is out of their knowledge. My intention to become a nurse strengthened. I read about the work and duties of a doctor. Media nowadays has made people more aware. I consulted all the knowledge I could obtain to choose my career as a nurse. Even though the relationship between a doctor and a patient seems transparent but it is not. “We physicians don’t tell everything to patients (Pauline W. Chen, 2012).” My desire to be a helpful human being was marred by reading this. I felt the passion in me would soon burn out if I kept secrets from my patients. The patients who would rely on me to help them escape their agony should know the truth. I talked about my decision with my family to enter the medical career and like everyone’s reaction, I was asked to become a doctor. But after a battle of arguments my family too acknowledged that a nurse is more helpful to the society than a doctor. My seniors who are professional nurses taught us a lot about how to deal with patients and nurses are a messiah to these patients in distress. A nurse needs to have a strong heart as we have to deal with all the dirty work. When a person comes to the hospital on a stretcher unconscious and bleeding to death nurses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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