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Evidenced Based Communication among medical professional: Developing the Matrix - Research Paper Example

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Evidenced Based Research Communication among medical professional: Developing the Matrix Evidenced Based Research Communication among medical professional: Developing the Matrix Evidenced Based Research Communication among medical professional: Developing the Matrix Burning question The hospice patients constitute the population for my clinical question…
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Evidenced Based Research Communication among medical professional: Developing the Matrix
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Download file to see previous pages The care should invariably include the medical therapy and the nursing attention supported by catering to the social, cultural and spiritual calls of the patient (IAPHC, 2004). Brown et al has also spoken about the influences of society, cultures, politics and economics in the encounters in the health care system. (2006). The holistic approach had been the principal idea behind Madam Florence Nightingale’s endeavor. Hospice care is the place to demonstrate this essential aspect of nursing care. The caring attitude, commitment of the staff, consideration of the patient, cultural leanings and consent of the patient govern the attitude of the nurse towards the care of the patient. Communication among the health professionals like the nurse, doctor, social worker, psychologist, spiritual leaders and family members constitute a strong factor for the provision of the best care. History shows that opinions have varied and evolved over the years about the necessary communication among the professionals but as yet, the appropriate and reliable method of instituting and measuring communications between the staff and the comparable levels of improvement has not yet been achieved. Having selected effective communication as the best manner to improve patient care in the hospice, I am embarking on evaluating available researches to discover how to go about it. “Shaping the Future of Public Health” in the US Department of Health, set up in 2005, speaks about empowering communities. The theory of health care communications keeps changing. Our present aim is to improve the system of communication in a hospital or in a hospice so that the best possible care is provided to the inmates of a hospice. The American Association of Critical Care nurses have identified six essential behaviors of a healthy working environment: “skilled communication, true collaboration, effective decision-making, appropriate staffing, meaningful recognition and authentic leadership” (2007). Boyle and Kochinda have defined collaboration as the “process of joint decision-making among independent parties, involving joint ownership of decisions and collective responsibility for outcomes (2004). The intervention for communication could be an instrument which is highly informative or a training program or an education program. Comparison may be made among the three by evaluating evidence-based studies available. The outcomes may also be compared to determine which method is the best for producing the best possible medical care and outcomes in hospice patients. EBP and the two models “Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the conscientious and judicious use of current best evidence in conjunction with clinical expertise and patient values to guide health care decisions” (Hughes, 2008). Three stages are involved. Knowledge is created and distilled according to the requirements of the patients. Then it is diffused and spread among the policy makers and health care systems (Hughes, 2008). Adoption of the new information and implementing it in society is the last step. The best and newest evidence obtained from research is slowly adopted into the health care system. EBP is advocated by media, leaders, change champions and experts (Hughes, 2008). The new information is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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