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The paper describes community services, mainly focusing on helping people with disabilities. There was not a single opportunity when I had any doubt about my future career. Since childhood, my goal remained the same, and I had never thought of any other career for me…
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Hospital Atmosphere and a Noble Profession
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Although I was born in US, my parents had to shift back to Haiti for significant personal reasons and, as a result, I did my schooling in Haiti. I was the best mathematics student in our class. I started playing clarinet when I was twelve and it still remains my most favorite instrument. In High School, I started playing mid field for the school soccer team and was appreciated. Now I have returned to United States for furthering my studies and would like to gain admission for nursing course.

My mother worked in hospitals for seventeen years and this gave me an opportunity to familiarize myself with hospital life. I have learnt a lot by the way she used to get involved in her work and the cheerfulness with which she approached the patients and how she always put the smile back on their faces, even under difficult and painful circumstances. I remain appreciative of her work and long ago, I had made up my mind to go into nursing career and make it my main theme of work in life. It gave me direction from very young age.
Under the above positive influence I participated in many community services, mainly focusing on helping people with disabilities. There was not a single opportunity when I had any doubt about my future career. Since childhood, my goal remained the same, and I had never thought of any other career for me. I feel that patients are in need of all empathy, positive participation and encouragement during their hospitalization. It is a time of uncertainty bordering to hopelessness for patients and only the understanding and help of hospital staff will see through those hard days. I would like to make it my life’s mission to help, support and inspire the patients.
I had always developed an impression that hospitals and patients would do better with more readily available service. Hospitals are perpetually short of hands and either less nurses are available, or hospitals are not employing enough of them. Many times I have noticed that patients are more in need of constant help, whereas hospitals are unable to provide such help. This usually ends in patient dissatisfaction and deprival. While being hospitalized, people need more individual attention, constant companionship and staff presence.
It is very important for me to get admission into nursing, as I cannot compromise with another career easily. I do not like to take up a career for which I do not feel a positive response. I would like to do the work that motivates me. And till now, hospital work is the only work in which I am sure, that I will find fulfillment. Hospital atmosphere inspires me to be kind and helpful to fellow human beings who are, at that moment, in need of help. It could be due to the right vibes I received from my mother’s routine work in hospital, or could be my own mental make-up; I always thought that nursing is a noble profession and never changed my mind on that ideal.
It is imperative for me to find the right career at this juncture of my life, so that I could proceed about my future in a systematic way and avoid confusion about the chosen goal. I would like to impress that I am passionate about this work and hope to have a long and fulfilling career in it. Read More
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