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Protected Meal Time Course and code Date Introduction The protected meal time is a government policy that was introduced in 2004 with the aim of providing a mechanism, which makes sure that every patient is able to enjoy his or her meal without any likely disruption as much as possible…
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Protected Meal Time
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Download file to see previous pages Since the professionals are to be included in the initiative, for example, the doctors, nurses, physicians, and the cooks are the two major professionals whose contribution to the initiative is very important and would facilitate the implementation. Application of Gibbs’ Model and PDCA Cycle In this analysis, the Gibbs reflective model has been use to describe the problem, the feel about the problem, an evaluation of the experience, analyzing the situation whether it makes sense, concise conclusion, finally taking the most appropriate action. It is important that in reflecting about the practice, one is expected to relate the situation at hand to the future of the career and its value. In fact, this becomes an evidence based approach that might to yield the intended results. In addition to the Gibbs model, the initiative would employ the use of the PDCA cycle in terms of service improvement, where the plan-do-check-action is adhered to, throughout the implementation. As would be depicted in the subsequent chapters, the project would be planned, done according to the required procedures, checked consistently and appropriate actions taken to make sure that the implementation becomes successful. ...
The intention of the protected meal time program is to give the patient adequate time to relax as they have their meals (Council of Europe Resolution, 2003, p.8). In this approach, the major event that makes me support the launch of this noble initiative is that it helps to solve the great problem that is witnessed among some doctors. There is a group of doctors who do not carry out their routine ward checks in time. Therefore, they end up carrying out the same duty during inappropriate times, which are meant for meals. This happens because the doctors start their routine late, and lunch time find them still moving around the wards. They do not stop to provide the patients with sufficient time to enjoy their meals. Moreover, what used to happen in the hospitals were shocking since these doctors are fond of continuing with their work even without considerations that the patients have the right to eat, that is, they need ample time to enjoy their meals. The meal time has to be specific to minimize confusion and some patients going without food. The food must be properly chewed since the sick people have weak digestive system. The impact of the doctors’ actions is not alien, that is, the food would automatically get cold and since they are not allowed to reheat the food at the end of the exercise, it becomes extremely difficult for the patients to enjoy the meals and this is not a good thing since it poses a serious threat of the patient’s starvation. Therefore, it is necessary to have an action plan that is geared towards establishing the protected meals time. In fact, the protected meals time program has also been supported by various health professionals across the globe (NHS Estates in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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