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Community assessment: Tobacco use Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction and definition Community have been defined differently depending on the context that has to suit it. Community generally is a social group of any size whose members have been found to be residing within a specific locality, share the same government system, and have the same cultural and historical heritage…
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Tabacco use
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Download file to see previous pages 250 billion this has outpaced the growth in national income and foreseeable future. Tobacco is mostly used by the young generation or the youth in the community. This population are the most focused group that have become addicts of the use of tobacco. The role of population in the community depends highly on upon the goals of the initiative, the context and leadership of the community, and the capabilities and resources available. T population is responsible for development aspects that address long term needs and promotes the community development. This would require a long term outlook on drug usage as well as paying particular attention to the group in the early years. Integrators role is not one size fits all, but rather must be flexible to adapt in response to the needs of the needs of the community or population it serves (McGuire, Leypoldt & Ward, 2007). The population availability is important to be considered since they provide basis for research of the effects of usage of tobacco I the community. With the growing population the government of the USA has passed the health care reform bill that have created incentives for health care organizations to manage more health and financial risks that are associated with the use of tobacco in the society. Discussion The youth group are found beyond any boundaries of any community therefore they exist within the available neighbourhood. But in some areas there are geographic boundaries that separate these communities, but the only thing that makes the difference is the difference in the state regulation within these geographical boundaries. The group’s characteristics do not change despite the geographical boundary. This community is not limited to any setting since the state regulation lies within the US statutes therefore the effect of limit is not available. The group of teenagers that are highly involved in the use of tobacco are located in Miami in Florida since it is a beach that is more exposed to drug importation. Community assessment can be done at any time and to some extend the community need assessment so to provide local stakeholders with the information they need to prioritize their most pressing needs and to identify approaches to address the available concerns. The population of the Miami was found to be 399,457 in 2012 compared 362,563 in 2000. This has indicted a population increase of 10.2% from 2000 to 2012. When discussing the demographic of the community it is important to consider the language that is being spoken in the discussed community. There are 25% of people speaking English, 67% speaking Spanish, while 46.7% are married. Understanding the community requires basic demographic results, many of which are available in the US Bureau of the census. The comparison of this population within the periods will enable the community to assess short term trends in the age and distribution of the available resources in the society. To assess the community values you are as well required to have an up-to-date profile of the community. The data available should be able to compare city level information. After identification of key questions that regards the geographical boundaries of a community it is important to answer through the community needs assessment, considering the best data collection option that can be used to verify ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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