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Possible solutions for tobacco usage in UK - Essay Example

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Tobacco usage is one of the biggest health issues in the United Kingdom today and this is mainly because of the fact that the number of people who use it is ever increasing. The increasing number of tobacco users is despite the efforts of the government as well as health…
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Possible solutions for tobacco usage in UK
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Download file to see previous pages e tobacco tend to start at a very young age, mostly in their teenage, and these normally begin mainly because of the influence of their friends as well as peer pressure, especially in the school environment. Moreover, it has become the norm for these individuals to continue smoking for the rest of their lives since once they pick up the habit from such a young age; it is often very hard for them to stop. The result is that a large chunk of the population of the UK are tobacco users and this has created a situation where despite the best efforts that the government has taken, it has become difficult to control the use of this substance.
Some of the largest tobacco companies are based in the UK and because it is a lucrative market for their products, these companies have worked hard to ensure that those laws that are not in favour of the reduction and at times abolishment of tobacco usage are not passed. These companies have powerful lobbies, which work hard to ensure that only laws which are in their favor are passed as a means of retaining their dominance over the UK market (Neuman, Bitton & Glantz, 2002). Therefore, it has become imperative for the government of the UK to take direct and effective measures which are meant to promote a reduction of tobacco usage within the country so that the population can stay free of the medical complications that are related to tobacco usage (Jha & Peto, 2014). Among the biggest steps that the UK government can take to curb the power of tobacco companies is to ensure that legislation that reduces the consumption of tobacco products is introduced and strictly implemented because to do otherwise would mean that the health of the public would be at risk. In addition, the government should require that it make requirements where tobacco companies in the UK have to label their products as being dangerous to the health of those who use them ("Adding harm reduction to tobacco control", 2007). Moreover, the government should take an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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