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Affordable healthcare:tobacco smoking - Research Paper Example

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Upon his arrival in 1610, CDC affirms that John Rolfe tried to farm smokable tobacco but from small-leafed Nicotiana Rustica which was grown by the Virginia Indians and by the time 1612 came, farms of Nicotiana Tabacum were widespread …
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Affordable healthcare:tobacco smoking
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Download file to see previous pages This large-leafed Spanish Tobacco was a plant that grew in the subtropical region and had a very distinct taste and aroma. This species arrived in England in the year 1613 and received much success. This was the savior of Jamestown colony as the golden-leaf tobacco became their first commodity for export (Zeller, 2007). The settlers used tobacco for quite some time as a medium of exchange and means of payment of wages and salaries and by 1791, one-fifth of American exports was tobacco and its products (Zeller, 2007). Currently, it sits at position seven among other leading American export commodities thus contributing largely to the country’s economy. However, tobacco consumption, mainly through cigarette smoking, has been proved to be a major cause of lung cancer among active and passive smokers, which has resulted in deaths of many American citizens and other people worldwide. Over the years, leading health organizations have tried to address the issue of cigarette smoking but with minimal success. This paper examines the history of tobacco and cigarette smoking, the health issue of cigarette smoking among smokers and non-smokers, and the measures being taken to control the issue of cigarette smoking. In addition, the paper evaluates the nature of the opposing parties and the lobbyists regarding the issue of tobacco consumption. ...
This type of tobacco is found in most English styles of tobacco and many other tobacco blends, hence Cavendish has nothing to do with any tobacco flavoring (CDC, 2007). Secondly, English tobacco is characterized by lack of any flavored additions during the process of curing (Warren, Lee, & Lea, 2009). This type receives its flavor from the type of soil it is grown from and thus named after the place of growth. The curing process is believed to have some changes on the end product, for instance, when a Virginia is dark-stoved, it becomes sweeter and more flavored than the initial product (Warren, Lee, & Lea, 2009). Lastly, Burleys are grown in Kentucky and Tennessee and can be served straight, English or Aromatic. It has very low amounts of sugar providing the smokers with an aroma that is dryer and more flavored than Virginia. Burley is widely used in pipe tobaccos and due to its large consumption; it represents a huge portion of the total world’s tobacco production. The origin of Burley is traced back to Kentucky, USA with other notable growers in Malawi, Mexico and the south of Brazil (CDC, 2007). Burley has very long leaves, ranging from 20-50cm and a color variation of light to dark brown. Harvesting is done once the middle leaves of the plant have dried, which is then dried in the air hence its dry and chocolate like aroma. The strong, full and relatively dry taste of Burley tobacco changes and becomes stronger, to taste almost like a nut when it is roasted in very severe temperatures. This is the same process that is used by coffee makers to bring out the fine taste degrees in coffee (CDC, 2007). A Brief History of Tobacco Timeline (Mackay, Eriksen & Shafey, 2006)  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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