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Country with High Mortality Rates - Term Paper Example

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Country with High Mortality Rates Name: Institutional Affiliation: Tutor: Date: Country with High Mortality Rates 1. Introduction: Malawi was chosen for this study due to the currently public health services that the Government health institutions provide as free…
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Country with High Mortality Rates
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Download file to see previous pages Eventually, the introduction of the health insurance among the employees for most formal sectors is also explored (Malawi. Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. 2004). Coupled with such efforts, there will be reforms aiming at the improvement of the application of the financial resources through the improvement of locative and technical efficiencies. Documentation of sources of health financing (in terms of external, government cooperation and funding, firms as well as households) including their contribution to the total health spending is rather separate from the private and public health expenditures through the financing agents (MOH and NGOs) (Rosner, Leppert, Degens & Ouedraogo, 2012). There is a distinguishing factor between capital and recurrent expenditure through the provision of thorough breakdown based on the major line items of salaries and drugs maintenance. 2. Location/Geography Below is a summary of the physical environment of Malawi: the percentage of irrigated cropland land in Malawi is 0.0%; the percentage of arable land (in 2009) is 38.2% while the percentage of the forest area to the land area (in 2010) was 34.3%. malawi’s land area as at 2010 as at 94,280.0 square kilometers. The Ministry also intends to put up with the exploration process for purposes of ensuring feasible introduction of alternative sources in terms of financing health care in Malawi. At the central level, capacity is needed to be enhanced for purposes of reliably formulating and reviewing the policies, coordinating implementation and providing support to district health care management teams (Acton, 2012). 3. Population The total Population in 2010 was at 14,900,841.0, the 2010 Population growth (annual percentage) was at 3.1%, the 2010 Population density (persons for event square kilometer) was at 158.4 (Malawi. Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. 2004), the Rural population in 2010 was 11,950,474.5, the rural population per square kilometer of arable land (Rural population density) was 0.0% (Peters, 2009), the 2010 Rural population (percentage to total population) was 80.2%, the 2009 Death rate, crude (per 1,000 people) was 13.1%; the 2009 Birth rate, crude (per 1,000 people) was 44.2%; the 2010 Mortality rate, infant (for each 1,000 live births) was 58.1% (Peters, 2009); the 2010 Mortality rate, under-5 (for each 1,000) was 92.1% and the Labor force, total in 2009 was 6,005,705.8. the total years (Life expectancy at birth) in 2009 was 52.7% and the percentage of total labor force Labor force, female in 2009 was 49.2 (Malawi. Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. 2004). 4. Government Through the 1995 constitution, the president of Malawi is considered as chief of state as well as the head of government through the universal direct suffrage for each 5 years. Malawi is also ruled by a vice president who is a president electee (Ghodse, 2011). The president also has an option of appointing second vice presidents from different parties. This includes presidentially appointed cabinets. The cabinet members of Malawi are drawn from outside or within of the legislature(Peters, 2009). The legislature in involved in the overall overseeing of the implementation of the strategic steps in the long run by all means (Peters, 2009). 5. Economy The table below illustrates the poverty indicators in Malawi: The Income share upheld by the lowest 20% in 2004 was at 7.0%; at national ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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