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High Mortality Rate - Bostwana - Essay Example

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Topic: High mortality rate in Botswana Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction Botswana is among the fastest growing nations in Africa after attaining independence. It was under the British colony unit 1966 when it attained self governance. The geographic position of Botswana does not support fast economic growth but the country is strategically planned to experience fast both economically and politically (McIntyre, 2010)…
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High Mortality Rate - Bostwana
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Download file to see previous pages Geographical location Botswana is a country located in southern Africa. It is a landlocked country as it is surrounded by four countries which hinder its access to large water bodies such as the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Botswana covers approximately 224,607 square miles. It is located inside the geographical location of the Kalahari Desert. Approximately 73% of the country is a desert as only the eastern portion of the country fall outside Kalahari Desert. The country experiences a semi arid type of climate which consists of warm winters and very hot summers. The topography of Botswana is made up of flat and rolling land. Population The country is scarcely populated because of the large portion covered by the Kalahari Desert. It is made up of a population of 2,003,910 people. The total population of male gender in the country sums up to 1,006,531 while that of the female gender is 997,379. The age structure of the country indicates that the there is low life expectance rate in the nation. Children of age between 0-14 years make up 33.5% of the total population. Young people between the ages of 15-24 years make up 21.9% of the total population. ...
Death rate is estimated at 12 per a population of 1000 people. Life expectance in Botswana is highly affected by the high rate of HIV/AIDS infection in the country. The harsh desert conditions have also played a role in the current population radar. Infant mortality is another factor that affects the growth in population of Botswana. The total infant mortality rate in the country is estimated at 10.49 deaths per 1000 live births. The male gender takes the larger potion of infant mortality rate as it is estimated at 11.03 deaths per 1000 live births while the female gender is estimated at 9.94deaths per 1000 births. This analysis shows that the life expectance of Botswana is highly attributed to health practices and health services in the country. AIDS is the major course of death in the country. It was declared a national disaster 2003 after Botswana registered the highest rate of HIV/AIDS victims in Africa. These aspects portray the level of poverty in the country thus leading to poor social amenities and the ability to create public awareness. There are four major ethnic groups that sum ups the total population of Botswana. This include: the Twsana, Kalanga, Basarwa and Kgalagardi. Tswana is the most famous and important tribe in Botswana as it makes 79% of the total population of people in the country. The tribes are rich in culture thus partake cultural activities seriously (Horowitz, 2011). According to the culture of most of the tribes in Botswana, natural home birth is considered the best form of child delivery. This promotes the rate of infant mortality cases in the country as the method is prone to dangerous errors. Child delivery process needs the modern medical facilities to ensure a higher percentage chance of survival for the infant as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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