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Population Health: Baltimore City - Essay Example

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Population Health Assessment: Baltimore City Juliet Mbonu Carlow University Introduction: Baltimore City is located in the central Maryland along the tidal portion of the Patapsco River. It is the only city in the state of Maryland not located within a county…
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Population Health: Baltimore City
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Download file to see previous pages seaport in the Mid-Atlantic, it is still one of the poorest cities in Maryland. The population of Baltimore City is made up of nearly two-thirds Black and one third White, with an insignificant number of other races (Baltimore City Health, 2008). The mortality rate of Baltimore is 15%. The leading Cause of Death (Mortality) in Baltimore City is Heart Disease for all ages, however, for ages 35-44, HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death, while homicide is the leading cause of death for ages 25-34. Leading cause of morbidity is poor nutrition, which was rated at 72.8%, followed by high blood pressure at 29.95, lack of exercise at 28.6% and obesity at 28%, (Baltimore City Health, 2008). Key risks for this area: Power plants and other industrial companies are among the key risks in this city. According to the environmental Scorecard website, in 2002, Baltimore (city) county ranked among the dirtiest/worst 10% of all counties and cities in the US. Twelve percent of the houses in this city have lead and this is because 140,000 of the houses in this county were built before 1950 (scorecard.good Baltimore (city) county, ranked number one among the counties in Maryland with the highest ambient air concentrations of lead and number 4 among the counties in Maryland with the greatest reported releases of lead to air. ...
The most common contaminants in Baltimore (City) County detected at Superfund sites are ethylbenzene, while the one released to land at TRI facilities is a manganese compound.  Baltimore city ranks number 3 in health risks from criteria air pollutants among all the counties in Maryland. This county has 4,663,104 person-days in exceeding the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Also, Baltimore (City) County percentage of surface waters with reported problems (state + EPA data) is 31%, while, the number of water bodies with reported problems (as reported by the state) is 49. The leading sources of water quality problems are rivers, streams and creeks (U.S. EPA,  The salutogenic factors (Positive factor): Salutogenic factors focus on supporting and increasing well-being. Engstrom & Janson (2009) stated that the salutogenic theory, which was introduced by Antonovsky, focuses on the causes of health instead of the causes of illness, in what he called the “health-ease versus dis-ease continuum” (1979). This allows for further research as to why certain people remain healthy, while others are often sick. This closer observation of the combinations of health, stress and coping abilities of the individual provide answers to the supporting of health. There are about 30 accredited hospitals in Baltimore, ranging from world-renowned hospital Johns Hopkins, to Maryland General Hospital. Johns Hopkins is a private research university in Baltimore, with campuses in other cities in Maryland, Washington D.C., China, Singapore and Italy. In the search for better health, Johns Hopkins University has implemented a variety of initiatives to assist in sustainability of the environment. In 2007, they introduced the use of electric ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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