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Teamwork in Organizations Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Teamwork in Organizations The mythical man-month hypothesis that was developed by Fredrick Brooks explains the significance of teamwork in an organization. The hypothesis postulates that one man takes a year to develop engineering software while dozens of workers take one month to build the same feature…
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Team working
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Download file to see previous pages The significance of team work may be explained using the following photograph. The photograph also explains the how efficient service user delivery works, and why it is essential in the success of an organization. Picture illustrating the significance of teamwork ( The above photographs shows men repairing a broken railway line in a team. I have chosen the picture because the broken railway line connects two geographical regions just like consumers and organizations are connected by services and products. The three men on the right side come from the rightward geographic region while those on the left also reside in the region where they are working. I believe that the two groups represent nurses and patients in the real world. The railway line that connects the two regions is similar to services and communication that takes place between nurses and patients (Naumann, & Ehrhart, 2011). The picture, therefore, indicates that teams should compose of workers from different levels such as nurses and doctors, and because of efficient user service delivery, they should also include consumers (Parker, 2010). This is because consumers are the ultimate users of goods, and they determine the success of the activities in an organization (Hiebart, & Clart, 2011). This means that user involvement should begin at the lowest level of a firm in order for it to achieve its objective. The photograph above indicates that teamwork should take place with an objective of increasing efficiency. The men from the right and left in the above picture have come together to repair the broken railway line. This means that the participants of the project would not be together were it not for the purpose of repairing the transport network. The objective of teamwork should also be positive and beneficial to a large number of users (Belbin, 2010). In the photograph above, the aim of the team is to enhance transport of people and resources between the two geographic regions. One region in the picture practices agriculture while the other does not, and this means that the railways line helps to deliver food products in the non-agricultural region. I suppose that teamwork in nursing should aim at providing consumers with critical health services that cannot be found anywhere else in the market. Members of teams cooperate and develop efficient techniques of delivering their services (Jasper, 2011). The repairing the railway indicates that service user involvement should have an aim for it to succeed. The lack of efficient communication in a team may lead to conflicts among group members. This indicates that there is need for effective communication skills among team members to avoid distortion of messages. However, in the case of the occurrence of conflicts among members of a group, the team leader should be responsible for ensuring that the misunderstanding ends. A team leader who possesses problem solving skills resolves the conflicts using his skills. This saves time that would be wasted by members on the problem, and it ensures that the team works towards achieving its goals. In the photograph above, there seems to be no team leader, and the members are standing because there is a conflict. The team should have employed a leader who would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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