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The project seeks to put forth how people working in teams produce better results in terms of performance and productivity than people working independently and alone. The study begins with an introduction about the subject and speaks elaborately about team work and group work…
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Management Teamwork
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Download file to see previous pages The importance of team work have been felt in the US and Australian organizations where researches were conducted and in which the results derived reflected the importance of team work for closing competency gaps existing in organizations. Researchers are also of the opinion that today’s work cultures are greatly influenced by the external conditions because of which employers have been focusing more on their workforce. This has brought greater emphasis on teamwork and group activities. Lastly the practical implications speak about the applicability of team works in the manufacturing, healthcare and information and technology sector. This has been the cause of work breakdown structures which can only be accomplished through group efforts.

Team work has emerged as an important and crucial part of the working culture in most organizations. Many organizations have been increasingly looking at the team work skills of candidates during their recruitments. The importance of team work has also emerged because of the fact that recently there has been emergence of numerous products which are complex and which requires multiple skills for their production. A highly complex product can be produced successfully only with the application of appropriate team work. Thus it is increasingly crucial that students and candidates appearing for jobs develop and possess adequate potential for working in teams. Research also tells us that the best way to learn is through social interactions and tasks which involve working in groups and teams. Teamwork is considered to be a joint action undertaken by a group of individuals in which each one might have to undermine his or hers own interests, opinions and views in comparison to the unity and efficiency of the group. However, it must be understood that it also recognizes individual performance and accomplishments. Team work can be most effective only when every individual’s contributions are harmonized and when each of them collectively works towards a common objective. The project seeks to bring forth whether working in teams help to achieve goals and targets more effectively and efficiently as compared to independent working. The report is supported by facts produced by prior research and analysis. This is done by presenting the views of researchers and practitioners on the subject using academic articles and journals. Lastly, the concepts developed and analyzed are applied in practical organizational settings (Avery, Walker & Murphy, 2001, p.116). Critical Literature Review Several researchers have tried to identify the various technical and non technical attributes that a graduate engineer must have in order to work efficiently in an organization. Among the technical skills, in terms of the mathematical tools and techniques, researchers have identified communication and team spirit as few of the primary attributes and measure of his competency to work in an organization. Similar researches conducted in Australia and USA by Evans (1993), have identified team work as an important attribute to close the ‘competency gaps’ prevailing in work activities (Martin, Maytham, Case & Fraser, 2004, p.2). Researchers like Sageev and Romanowski ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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