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Critique of Position Description : Nurse Navigator - Assignment Example

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The job description for the position of Clinical Nurse Leader/Navigator entails that this is a unit-based masters prepared nurse who works in an interdisciplinary team environment to coordinate the care of complex patients assuring excellent clinical and experience outcomes throughout the continuum of care…
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Critique of Position Description : Nurse Navigator
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Download file to see previous pages From the description of this particular job, it can be noted that this position befits someone with basis nursing knowledge since the position does not require specialised knowledge. As the name suggests, it seems as if the position involves some specialised knowledge and education and the position is very influential in the running of the unit. This title misleads people since this work can be done by even lay people. A simple title for this position is ideal just like Nurse Leader. Some people may not be able to grasp the meaning of the job title at first glance. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI, 2012), navigation was intended for the underserved members of the community and it was carried by lay people not nurses. The main purpose of navigation was to help especially cancer patients to navigate the treatment as well as to gain survival skills that could help them overcome the stress. Basically, the role of a navigator is to monitor the progress of the patient who has been diagnosed with cancer or any other related diseases. Monitoring a condition does not require one to have higher qualifications in terms of educational attainment. Navigation is specifically designed to overcome barriers such as communication among different people who may come from less privileged backgrounds and who may encounter barriers such as communication. ...
The position is well described in the job description since it outlines the specifications for the job. In terms of level of education and qualifications, it can be noted that a Master degree is above board for this position. Instead, this position requires someone with a qualification in nursing profession and that person should be a registered nurse or equivalent or should be in possession of an honours degree at least. Therefore, it can be observed that the qualifications for this post are over stated.The job somehow requires specialised knowledge since the navigator will work across the board. The only major requirement for this position is general knowledge in nursing and other healthcare related topics where the navigator will just need to ensure that the patients are following al the instructions in taking medicine for their continuum conditions. To a larger extent, it can be seen that any person with basic communication skills, strong nursing background and who can read and write can take up this position. However, some with higher qualification is better placed to perform this kind of work. According to Desimini et al (2011, p. 26), “Although no specific professional experience, degree, or certification entitles a nurse to be classified as an “oncology navigator,” the majority of nurse navigators and nurse case managers are bachelor’s degree-prepared.” The experienced nurse can significantly contribute in designing the programs for navigators who deal with different issues related to cancer programs. It can also be noted that the concept of navigation is still developing so it may be a bit early to state that a master degree is required for the position. At least a bachelor’s degree is ideal for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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