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One important developmental function of human resources management is the appraisal of employee performance. For many organizations, the heart of the development process is composed of on the job and off the job activities that are designed to teach the individuals new abilities and skills…
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Critique of Performance Evaluation: Nurse Navigator
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One important developmental function of human resources management is the appraisal of employee performance. For many organizations, the heart of the development process is composed of on the job and off the job activities that are designed to teach the individuals new abilities and skills. “During the appraisal process, employees become aware of any performance deficiencies they may have and are informed of what they must do to improve their performance and thus become promotable,” (Grobler, 2006, p. 11). As such, this paper seeks to critique the performance evaluation for the position of nurse navigator. An organization’s performance appraisal program is generally created and implemented in order to meet both developmental and evaluative objectives of the employees. According to Kleynhans (2007), performance appraisal is one of the most effective strategies of measuring the performance of the employees in the organization. In case of the role of Nurse Navigator, it is important to ensure that this individual is good in the area of interdisciplinary team coordination. Basically, a nurse navigator is primarily concerned with coordinating the activities of the other co-workers, physicians as well as the patients in order to ensure that that the desired clinical outcomes are obtained. Therefore, it is imperative to appraise the navigator in this area so as to establish the areas that may need improvement so as to enable them to perform effectively in this particular task. The other evaluative aspect of nurse navigator is related to monitoring and influencing core measures and quality outcomes. This is meant to ensure that the unit based nursing staff is familiar with all necessary measures that should be taken in order to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved in terms of their clinical obligations. The nurse navigator should also be appraised and evaluated for ensuring that the nursing managers are carefully implementing their work. For instance, this position requires the incumbent person o closely monitor that all patient information is correctly entered and all procedures are carefully followed. This is meant to ensure that the best outcome is achieved in terms of patient welfare. This also helps to ensure that quality working conditions in the unit are achieved for the betterment of the nursing members working there. This can also help the person holding the position of the nursing navigator to be elevated to a higher position if their performance has improved during the evaluation and appraisal process. The other area that needs to be evaluated and appraised in this case is related to influencing clinical practice and education. This is related to the concept of learning which states that employee training is job related learning that is designed to improve the employee’s knowledge, attitude as well as skills (Swanepoel, 1998). This helps the person involved to perform different tasks according to the expected standards within the clinical setting or the unit. When performance has significantly improved, there are high chances that the expected standards are also going to improve. This entails that the patients will be entitled to get quality services that are designed to ensure that their healthcare is not compromised. On the other hand, it can be seen that professional values are promoted as a result of constant training of the nurse navigators at the Baptist Health Center. This also spurns to include the creation of a caring environment for patients, families, guests and one another by communicating and behaving with compassion and empathy. All these appraisal programs are designed to ensure that the nurse navigator is capable of handling different issues that can impact on the welfare of the patients and the family members. The other important aspect about evaluating the performance appraisal of the nurse navigator is that it helps the responsible authorities in the organization to reward good performance accordingly. This can be done through financial rewards since these are designed to motivate the employees to put optimum effort in their operations. Therefore, this appraisal program helps to design and update competitive salaries in response to outstanding performance of other workers. According to Jewel (2000), the aspect of pay is very significant since it shapes the performance of the employees in the organization. It follows that an employee who expects to get high pay should put an effort to excel in their performance levels. Outstanding performance in the organization can be rewarded through the use of financial incentives and in some cases, the employees can be given bonuses in recognition for their good performance. Overall, there are different aspects of the nurse navigator that ought to be evaluated and appraised so as to help them to improve their performance. References Grobler, P. Et a (2006). Human Resources Management. London: Thomson. Jewel, B.R. (2000). An Integrated Approach to Business Studies. Essex: Pearson Education Limited. Kleynhans, R. et al (2007). Human Resource Management: fresh perspectives. CT: Prentice Hall. Swanepoel, B. et al (2003). Human resources management: Theory and practice. CT: Com press. Read More
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