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Critique of Quantitative Article Grade Course (5th, Jan. 2013) Critique of Quantitative Article The Research Problem Preceptors play a very critical role in the nursing profession. They facilitate the transition exercise from students to professional…
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Download file to see previous pages The Research Purpose/Objectives This paper seeks to investigate the role of clinical preceptors in enhancing socialization and professional training to nursing students. Besides, the paper seeks to develop critical skills among nursing students. In summary, this research explores the role, responsibilities, and importance of preceptors in clinical education and training. The role of preceptors and other clinical expert in respect with the baccalaureate nursing programmes should not be over-looked as they facilitate the transition process in nursing (Rogan, 2009). Finally, this research aims at establishing the level of qualifications and nature of preparations accorded to preceptors in this challenging but life changing society. The level of preparation that the receptors receive is fundamental in determining their effectiveness and professional standards. The Research Questions This research seeks answer the following research questions: i. Are the preceptors’ level of education and training sufficient enough to enhance their interpersonal and professional skill? ii. Are the preceptor nurse effective in facilitating the transition process of the student nurse to professional standards are required of them? iii. Is the socialization process during the transition effective and skilful? iv. Other than facilitating the transition process, what other responsibilities are preptor nurses charged with? Informed Consent and Ethical Considerations The study made various efforts to fulfill the informed consent and ethical considerations requirement for any valid research. First, the researcher obtained an approval from the relevant institutional review board, which commissioned the undertaking of the study (Rogan, 2009). This gave an authority and authenticity to the study being undertaken, allowing the researcher to access the desired information more easily. The second informed consent consideration made, was to obtain an approval from the hospitals from which the participants were recruited, making it official that the study had been approved by those institutions. The researcher included a letter that stated the purpose of the study, which made the participants respond to the research with great ease, since they were fully aware of the objectives for which the study was being undertaken (Rogan, 2009). Finally, to preserve the confidentiality of the participants, the completed instruments of study bore no identifiers, which is consistent with the ethical consideration for research information privacy. Description of the Research Design The study applied a case study research design, where the study concentrated on answering the research questions, based on the data obtained from two midsized hospitals (Rogan, 2009). The first hospital was an academic medical center, where it would be easy to find nursing students integrated into the institutions, as they work hand-in-hand with the employed receptor nurses. The second hospital was a private facility, which was most appropriate in presenting the real picture of the perception of the nurses towards BSN student preceptor-ship, as opposed to the academic center, where there is a high likelihood of constant and consistent nurse to BSN student relationship. Considering that the nature of the study was relatively new, prompting further studies into the s only concentrate on a few areas and a small sample population, just to create an insight into the nature of the percep ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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CRITIQUE OF QUANTITATIVE ARTICLE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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