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Health Law and Regulations Institution Date Introduction Law is a set of rules governing the conduct associated with recognition and observation of individual and property rights. The practice of nursing, just like many others, has governed the laws of which any individual in the framework ought to have knowledge of to limit their actions and decision to be within them in order to void liabilities…
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Health Law and Regulations
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Download file to see previous pages In general, these policies aim at observing quality, enabling access, controlling competition and costs and improve the healthcare industry. Regulations of healthcare physicians and practitioners Healthcare physicians go down in history as the entities in health care that first began experiencing regulations. The first form of regulation is licensing that under America’s federalism is an assignment to the states. No healthcare professional can practice in the United States without having a license. For one to acquire a license they must be graduates from accredited medical schools and in addition, the state administers an examination to gauge the capability of the aspiring practitioner. The most stringent of these regulations lie in the American Medical Association that requires the professional to complete four years in medical training, an extra year in basic sciences training and a final year in medical internship. In addition to licensing and qualification, these practitioners should not discriminate against anyone based on religion, origin, or color and the regulating bodies have the power to discipline or suspended violators of these laws and regulations (Field, 2007). ...
in order to acquire accreditation if they qualify, with the oversight manned by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (Field, 2007). Regulations of health care finances Today, state or federal governments cater for the insurance demands of half of the total insured American population amongst them the aged, disabled and civil servants. The rest remains under the covers of private insurance, health financiers experiencing extreme regulation. The regulating body incorporate private insurers into government mandates, and in addition regulate coverage terms, prices, and the rates they offer. In some instances, the governments give grants to private NGO’s that depict ability to provide financial services in creditable manners. In all the states, the government runs its own healthcare organizations that offer services to enable patients, and every staff in these hospitals must be from that very state (Field, 2007). Regulations of pharmaceutical acts The federal agency, the Food and Drug Administration, implement regulations on drugs, food, and cosmetics to prevent against recurrence of the 1938 poisoning that claimed 100 children’s lives and the 1962 drug tragedy that resulted in women giving birth to babies with deformities. Regulation ensures that unsafe or products not approved by the FDA do not get to the consumers and in the case of law, the bodies oversee to it that victims of pharmaceutical blunders get recourse from the courts and the liable manufacturers compensates them. For instance, it is a requirement to have all drugs labeled as per their uses and prescription (Field, 2007). Medical liabilities A liability system ensures all medical entities are answerable for harmful consequences on patients that result of ignorance, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Law and Regulations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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