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Health and Safety Legislation - Assignment Example

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This limits the chances of people sustaining injuries while going about their daily duties. Another implication of this regulation is…
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Health and Safety Legislation Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages The bottom-line of the regulation actions is that safety is important, and the reduction of accidents is needed to make working conditions favorable.
Strategic drivers in health and safety regulation in Britain can be viewed from two perspectives. That is from the business perspective and the regulators perspective. It has to be noted beforehand that the regulating authority in charge of managing health and safety regulation in the Great Britain is the health and safety executive. The role of this organization is to engage all stakeholders in promoting safe and healthy work place environments in Britain. Therefore in discussing the strategic drivers from the regulators perspective, much attention will be focused on the methods and actions taken by health and safety executive and its functions.
From the perspective of the businesses, the main strategic drivers to regulation of health and safety are social responsibility, reputation, impact on revenue and the ability of such businesses to comply with the regulation. Each of these drivers is of significant influence to the ability and level of compliance to the regulations that concern health and safety at work.
Considering social responsibility as a driver, the argument, in this case, is that the business owes a level of responsibility to the people and community within which it is established. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the business to provide a safe environment both within and without the firm. The community, in this case, does not mean just the surrounding but even the members of the organization. This perspective is similar to the concept of corporate social responsibility. In corporate social responsibility, the businesses moral obligation is to give back to the society that it owes its existence to. The point of divergence of the two cases is that beneficiary of the good gesture from the business.
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Health and Safety Legislation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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