, critical review of topic: To What extent are nurses' attitudes and beliefs a barrier to effective pain managemen - Research Paper Example

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[CRITICAL REVIEW OF LITERATURE] (Name) (Instructor/Tutor) (Course/Subject) (Institution/ University) (City, State) (Date) (2000 words 55%) PLEASE DO NOT RE-FORMAT THIS TEMPLATE Introduction [400] Include background and importance of the topic; and research question with brief description of PICO; and overview of the implementation, appraisal and discussion of the 5 papers…
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Research Paper, critical review of topic: To What extent are nurses attitudes and beliefs a barrier to effective pain managemen
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Extract of sample ", critical review of topic: To What extent are nurses' attitudes and beliefs a barrier to effective pain managemen"

Download file to see previous pages There seems to be a misconception the elderly do not feel as much pain as other people. According to Taverner (2005), nurses have a misconception that older patients have their perception of pain lessen, as they grow older. Therefore, they treat older patients who complain of pain differently because they believe that the pain may not be as intense as reported by the patient. This study seeks to find out the role of nurses’ perceptions of patient age as a barrier to effective pain management among the elderly. Pain management is vital in any setting of health care provision identification and treatment of pain adds to the patient’s well-being (Beaton, 2008, p, 73). Furthermore, pain is among the basic human rights that a patient is entitled to, according to Vadivelu, Urman, & Hines (2011, p, 3) and Janmohamed (2009, p, 16). Therefore, the research question of this study is, “To what extent are nurses’ attitudes and beliefs a barrier to effective pain management for the elderly?” PICO in this case, includes a population of nurses who routinely provide pain relief or manage older patients, and the issue of nurses’ perceptions or beliefs of older patients’ pain tolerance or threshold. ...
The search will be narrowed to those articles that are five years old or less to gather the most recent and relevant information. However, articles written by Walker and Blomqvist, which were published ten years ago, have been included because they have relevant information that is extremely significant in carrying out this study. The abstracts, findings and discussion provision of these articles will be reviewed and analyzed. The abstract provides about an overview of a study, and will be crucial in determining the objectives of the study, as well as, establishing whether the study achieved its objectives. Findings and discussions will provide insights about the current status of the issue under investigation. This information is extremely significant in ensuring that the study is carried following the right course. Implementation and Appraisal [300] Report how you implemented the search strategy from your Assignment for NURS 3044, including other criteria that you used and/or any refinements made to your original appraisal criteria. The search strategy should be attached as Appendix 1. The search strategy that was implemented from my assignment for NURS 3044 comprised of various steps. First, the key terms in for this study were identified, and these were pain management, age and nurse perceptions. These key terms were used to search for articles with relevant literature, with these major themes, pertaining to the topic. After reading the literature that was available, the findings of the authors or researchers were analyzed. The analysis was based on relevance of the article’s literature and findings. The literature part of these articles provided a baseline for analysis, while findings and discussion were helpful in drawing up inferences about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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