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Outstanding patient care issue - Research Paper Example

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The 67-year-old female was admitted to a hospital because she had a laparoscopic hysterectomy. Healthcare is the most varying and the most synchronized sector in the current world. …
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Outstanding patient care issue
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Download file to see previous pages Healthcare is the most varying and the most synchronized sector in the current world. The quality in healthcare management is very important, which determines the level of confidence in patients to rely on a particular organization. It is important for the patient to understand that the hospital works in a cohesive manner and there is outstanding patient care. The hospital is responsible to provide all facilities for the doctors as well as the patients. Nurses have an inevitable role in hospitals; first and foremost, they have to clarify what the doctors have prescribed. For providing outstanding care to the patient, these nurses have to call the doctors and be thorough with which types of antibiotics to be given at what time. They take rounds throughout the hospital regularly so as to check the conditions of patients. They need to accompany the physicians and take notes according to what they say. They are masterminds at assessing the patient’s level of pain just by judging their facial expressions and they try various things to cheer the moods of patients. The current healthcare field is evolving and advancing with time, as a result, many of the organizations are trying to fulfill the needs and wants of the patients by providing them high class treatment with all types of equipments and machineries. The patient had fever and drainage afterwards and that is why she was readmitted to the hospital for a probable postoperative disease, seven days before. The patient needs utmost care from the organization. This will improve her health both mentally and physically. From the hospital’s point of view, it is very important to take care of the patient by providing whatever treatment or medication is needed. The individual effort will make a group effort that will directly give the best name to the hospital as the staff work their maximum to revive a patient back to complete health. The patients will be pleased by the way they are treated and would also appreciate the teamwork of the hospital. A consistent team of thoughtful people will create a world of diversity in exceptional patient care issues, which would bring in wide-ranging rewards to the performance. “A trusting relationship with patients and their families is built on open, honest communication. However, today's health care environment makes good communication among patients, families, and caregivers harder and harder to achieve. Hospital stays are shorter, medical care is more technologically complex, resources are constrained, and there is a growing need for patients and families to have more information about, and involvement in, care decisions” (Communicating With Patients, 2011). This mutual consent between the hospital authorities and the patients will lead to a positive result. The doctors, nurses and others from the lab and various departments, who are involved in the health care operations, will help the patients to retain their confidence. The initial nursing plan has been documented but not updated after surgery. The oxygen tanks have been found on the floor and it has been found in not a secured condition. The nurses should clarify orders properly. Also the nurse was not able to range order policy accurately. As diseases like laparoscopic hysterectomy cause a lot of pain and suffering to the patients, they hope for a better treatment that would relieve their pain. The nurses and doctors have to treat this 67-year old patient very carefully and have to put in their best efforts. The patient had to undergo a surgery to treat a swelling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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