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Healthcare Marketing - Essay Example

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Executive Summary: Health care marketing is a new strategy in public health that uses the traditional principles of marketing, as well as the science based strategies of marketing for purposes of preventing diseases, and promoting health…
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Healthcare Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages This paper outlines the marketing plan of Adalp Insurance Medical Agencies. This paper analyzes the target market of the agency, and the products that the agency offers. This paper gives out the SWOT analysis of the organization, but in different sections. This paper will also identify the marketing and financial goals of the organization, and how the organization intends to achieve these goals. This plan will also give out the methods in which the organization needs to follow for purposes of ensuring that it fully implements its marketing strategy. Introduction: Health care marketing is a new strategy in public health that uses the traditional principles of marketing, as well as the science based strategies of marketing for purposes of preventing diseases, and promoting health. It is through health care marketing that various advances in medicine are made known to the public. It is also through health care marketing that the public gets to know the various medical services that an institution offers, such as health care insurance and circumcision services. This is a health care marketing plan for Adalp Insurance Medical Agency. The company offers medical insurance services to the poor, and mostly patients who are admitted into the hospital. The diseases that the insurance policy of the company covers are all manner of chronic diseases. This includes diabetes and cancer. Market Analysis: This section provides information on the organizational and product overview of Adalp Insurance Agency. This section explains the various insurance policies that the agency offers. It also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the agency. This section also explains in detail the target market for the Insurance agency. This section also explains the target market for the insurance agency. The target markets for the services of the insurance agency are the poor and the rich. i. Organization and Product Overview. The company offers insurance policies on all manner of chronic diseases, and this includes diabetes, all types of cancer and HIV AIDS. There are two main types of insurance policies that the organization offers, and they include the high end insurance policy, and the low end insurance policy. The high end insurance policy has two sections. The first section covers children, while the second section covers adults. This policy covers all manner of chronic diseases, and it is very expensive, since it offers specialized treatment. The second type of policy that the agency offers is the low end insurance policy. This policy only offers insurance medical cover to certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes. It does not cover the treatment of cancer, and it is only available to adults. In order to offer these services in an efficient and effective manner, Adalp Insurance Company liaises with the following public hospitals, Cleveland clinic, National Institute of Health, Mayo clinic, and John Hopkins institute of health. In case of a health issue, the agency would pay the down payment for the treatment of its customers to these institutions. The agency will also carter for all the accommodation costs of its customers, in case they are not able to easily access these medical institutions. ii. Organizational strengths and weaknesses. One of the major strengths of Adalp Medical Insurance agency lies on its diverse workforce, and products. The company has Asians, African American and Caucasians working in it. On this basis, they are able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Healthcare Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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