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Evidence based case study on hyperosomar hyperglycaemia state patient - Essay Example

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[EVIDENCE BASED CASE STUDY ON HYPEROSOMAR HYPERGLYCAEMIA] (Name) (Instructor/Tutor) (Course/Subject) (Institution/ University) (City, State) (Date) Evidence Based Case Study on Hyperosomar Hyperglycaemia Introduction The rate of hospital hyperosomar hyperglycaemia state has been increasing gradually…
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Evidence based case study on hyperosomar hyperglycaemia state patient
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Download file to see previous pages Hyperosomar hyperglycaemia state is a state whereby alteration of sensation may often be present without comma, and it may consist of moderate to variable degrees of clinical ketosis. Therefore, Emergency Department nurses should be keen when assessing for diabetes because older patients may in hyperosomar hyperglycaemia condition. This paper reflects the aspects of care that were provided to a patient, Mr. B, in the Accident and Emergency department, while applying triage, A-G assessment, ECG and fluid management competencies. Triage Triage involves the separation of a patient who requires prioritized care because of the severity his or her condition. This applies most in the Emergency Departments, where doctors and nurses have to determine who gets care first. According to the English Dictionary, the term triage refers to the process of determining the most important people or things from among a large number that requires attention (Oxford University Press, 2013). In medical use, triage is the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties. Since every day, Emergency Departments have to attend to a large number of patients who suffer from a wide range of problems, it is essential to have a system that ensures that these patients are seen in order of their clinical need, rather than in order of attendance. Triage manages a patient flow safely when clinical needs exceed capacity. It involves identification of the problem, determination of the alternatives and selection of the most appropriate alternative (Manchester Triage Group, 2008, p, 7). Identification of the problem involves obtaining information from the patients, their careers and any pre-hospital care personnel. (Manchester Triage Group, 2008). The Emergency Department acts as a transfer station through which the casualties should pass, as quickly as possible, on their way to surgery, intensive care, or a ward (Nutbeam & Boylan, 2013, p, 181). In this case, the patient was triaged by an experienced emergency nurse who has undergone specialist training. In the problem identification phase, information was collected from the patient’s son who provided past history of the patient. From the history, it was established that the patient experienced sudden onsets of lethargy, strange behaviour such as waking up at three in the morning to have a shower, reduced frequency in mitcuration and reduced drinking. When the patient was examined, it was found that the patient was alert, did not exhibit limb weakness, and was quiet, which is unusual. Besides, the patient was not clammy or sweaty. The vital signs awarded an early-warning score of 1, given that a tachycardia of 112 beats per minute was exhibited. Consequently, the patient was placed into priority category three, as per the Manchester Triage System. This required the patient to see the doctor within one hour. However, the patient was seen by a doctor, four hours after triage, which is against the requirements of priority three allocations, at triage. Furthermore, due to lack of trolleys and large volume of patients in the department, the patient was allocated on majors’ chairs instead of trolley. A-G Assessment A-G assessment is essential in facilitating the diagnosis and administration of severe and chronic primary health problems that are found in adult clients, especially the aging ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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