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Nursing is defined as the promotion of health and abilities, prevention of injuries, alleviation of suffering through diagnosis and treatment and advocating care to individuals and the community at large. Nursing is often thought of as a set of tasks or responsibilities that a nurse performs during a shift; however, it is actually a responsible approach to looking after patients and a commitment to caring for them…
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I just need you to paraphrase
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Download file to see previous pages The profession requires nurses to be able to deal with emergency cases, on-call duties and extended working hours, as well as be able to deal with emotional aspects of patients as well as their families. A good nurse needs to be able to give patients consistent moral support, take care of their needs and advocate on behalf of their patients. All of these tasks and requirements mean that a nurse must be empathetic, mentally prepared, are physically able to handle long hours and show professionalism always. There are skills needed when pursuing a nursing career. A nurse is required to provide care for people of all ages and background, ensure that patients are comfortable and ensure that all their needs are addressed (Daniel 2011, p. 57-63). Communication and observation are crucial to good nursing. Listening and being constantly alert to changes in a patient’s condition and the implications are also other important aspects. Having the ability to work as part of a team is a quality that every nurse should possess. A nurse one is always part of a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, pharmacists, dentists and many more and should be able to relate and easily work with the various specialists to solve a particular problem (Strauhair 2012, p. 162-167). Additionally, a nurse needs to know how to deal with emotionally charged situations. Nursing sometimes involves managing distress; whereby one wills at various times to help the patients and their families in solving their problems. In this case, a nurse should be able to strongly and professionally handle such situations without getting emotionally involved. There are certain right values and behaviours required in the nursing career. They are defined as the 6Cs, which include care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. Care is a vital element in nursing and as patients requires it in their daily life. Compassion is shown by a nurse towards a patient and includes sympathy, respect and dignity. Competence refers to the ability of a nurse to comprehend both the health and social needs of a patient. With regard to this, nurses’ expertise, clinical and technical knowledge required for quality delivery of information and healthcare treatment requires research and evidence (Neil and Katherine 2009, p. 16-17). Communication is essential to caring relationships and teamwork as it helps in ensuring that the nurse is able to understand, inquire about and take care of the patient’s condition. Commitment and courage are very important in nursing as they guide the nurses in their duties and enable them to work diligently and embrace new ways of working (Straughair 2011, p. 162-164). The concept of compassion is an essential virtue and one that is needed for one to qualify as a professional nurse. Ranges of contemporary political and professional literatures endorse the principal of compassion in nursing as a core and underpinning philosophy fundamental to the profession. Compassion can be thought of as a type of love that requires critical self-reflection but also something that has a tremendous ability to that has an enormous power to increase the self-esteem of the patient. The duty of a nurse is to make sure that patients are not under unnecessary stress. These roles ensure that the concept of comp ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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