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Dealing with Different Generations - Essay Example

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Dealing with Different Generations Name: Institution : Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Human beings have been classified in to different generations depending on the different times that they were born and the characteristics that they exhibit. The events that happened when these different generations were growing up went shaped how they perceive things or events and their reaction towards them; some of those generations that have been identified include generation X, generation Y and the millennial generation…
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Dealing with Different Generations
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Download file to see previous pages These two generations grew up in different social, political and technological times, which have shaped to a large extent the way they view the society, for instance generation X grew at the height of cold war, assassination of john F Kennedy, the AIDs pandemic among other events that were happening within that period. Generation Y grew in the era of increased technological advancements such as internet, mobile phones, Smart phones and laptops among other event. This paper will look at how a student from the X generation will handle a second career, a generation Y who is transitioning from a career as a paramedic. A Millennial student who is starting a bachelor of nursing career as an 18 year old and a student who has taken English as a second language entering an associate degree in nursing program. Generation X second career Generation X grew up in a time when the job security of their parents was not guaranteed, most of this generation’s parent were retrenched from their work therefore this generation reduced the loyalty that their parents had towards their employees and instead they became more loyal to the teams they work with and their jobs (Wallace, Tolley-Stokes & Estep, 2011). In this generation, there is no career ladder and they change their jobs more easily depending on who gives them the best offer. When an individual from this generation decides to change a career, their characteristic as being very flexible in their careers helps them in addition to their education levels as this generation is perceived to be very educated as compared to the previous generations. Since individuals from this generation dislike institutions and rules, they are more likely to change their careers towards a work environment that does not have strict rules or bureaucracy. The kind of job environment that these individuals are likely to change to will be more likely where the employer communicates the intended objective or the goal that needs to be achieved then leave them to find and device their own ways of achieving the objective. Since this generation was not born in the era of technological advancements, they are not likely to change their career towards a more technology intensive career as they do not have enough skills in the field. Generational Y transitioning to paramedic Some of the characteristics that are inherent in members of this generation include that they are techno savvy, they like feeling appreciated, they are ambitious and are team players. In teaching student from this generation as they join a career in paramedic, a lot of mentoring should be involved since in they are new to the working environment, this is irrespective of whether the individuals are performing well in school or not. Personal attention when teaching these students will produce excellent results, as they are very responsive to the personal attention however since they work best as a team, a lot of training activities should involve team activities (Erickson, 2008). This group of individual should be trained in a structured environment where the learning process is broken in to steps and technology intensive methods of learning should be emphasized. Millennial student as a BSN at 18 years Millenials at the age of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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