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Title: Middle OF the Road Name: Student Id: Date: Middle age, as the word depicts is the central point in life and from this point one can see what he has done in the past and what could still be accomplished by him in future. However, this point may serve as a stagnant point, bounded by limitations of earning livelihood within those demarcations or a step in to the future…
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Download file to see previous pages Erikson’s Developmental Model qualifies Emerson and Hardaway for “young adulthood and middle adulthood”. The age interval for young adulthood ranges is from 19 - 40 years whereas middle adulthood is from 40 - 65 (McLeod, 2013). Supported by relationships, Young adulthood is classified as “intimacy vs. isolation”. At this stage warm meaningful relationships are shaped along with the increasing possibility of failure (McLeod, 2013). However, middle adulthood is classified as “generativity vs. stagnation” supported on parenthood and work. It is the time for transferring legacies and success to the next generation supported by significant accomplishments to help others (McLeod, 2013). The study involved college level students conducted for Adult Development (Vaillant,Soldz & Cui,1938) where college level students’ average age for freshmen is 18-19 whereas some unusual cases of non-traditional students ages 30 years & above. Given that, this declaration fits Mr. Hardaway and Mr. Emerson for the study. The main focus of study is on the elements such as mental health, adaption to stress, alcohol abuse, physical disorders and morality. Daniel Levinson focused on positive facets that give a new turn to “Adult Development” perspective. Among the others there were four central sections according to his model such as directionless change, stasis, and decline (Boundless). Applying this model, Mr. Emerson falls in “decline stage” and Mr. Hardaway in the “positive adult development stage”. The category of positive adult development is subdivided into experience, hierarchical complexity, expertise, knowledge, spirituality and wisdom. Peck’s model concerning adult development is so far the shortest among other psychologists. His model comprises of: “Ego-differentiation vs. work-role preoccupation, body-transcendence vs. body-preoccupation, and finally ego-transcendence vs. ego-preoccupation” (Quizlet, 2013). Careful analysis ranks Mr. Emerson under body-transcendence vs. body-preoccupation while Mr. Hardaway under ego-transcendence vs. ego-preoccupation. Mr. Emerson suffers from a physical disability that limits him from being hopeful for the future. On the contrary, Mr. Hardaway has upholstered to make a lasting significant contribution to society even after his death. Mr. Emerson is a physically disabled ex-engineer who got injured in supervising project. His best friend Baily saved him from being killed. Mr. Emerson spoke of his great connection with parents while he was young and also a quality relationship with his best friend Baily. They motivated him to always do the best of his efforts. However, Mr. Emerson feels loneliness as he doesn’t have any children or siblings and his parents died 10 years ago. Mr. Emerson still feels loneliness even though Baily comes to see him often. He confessed his un-fulfillment of not becoming an engineer due to the accident that made him physically disabled. He hesitated in answering the question of grabbing the opportunity of becoming a consultant or the like; however his answer was on the negative end. Mr. Emerson evaded and drifted away from the subject based on the last part of his life. He drank as a minimum of three beers per day to cope up with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PSYCHOLOGY 7.27.13 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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