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Walking - Essay Example

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Walking is slower than running and other pace .It can be defined as one of the gaits of locomotion with regular pace in which one foot is at ground at a time. However, the speed of walking varies from person to person depending upon his/her physical factors like age, weight,…
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Extract of sample "Walking"

Download file to see previous pages It is a well-known fact that walking has many advantages. It indicates that walking session of at least 30 minutes is essential for a good health if the person adopts an appropriate walking posture then he is at lower risk of cancer, heart disease, anxiety and depression . But, it is sad that in some part of the world particular in United States people are no more pedestrians. With emergence of modern cars people prefer to travel more their luxuries car rather than spending some time in walking on their foot. Walking also strengths your joints and bone .According to Zivot (185) it was reported that in United States that there was a drastic decrease in rates of mortality which was 39 percent for the individuals who adopted walking as their regular habit. By walking the life expectancy of such diabetic patients increased greater but it is distressing that people in USA still ignore this fact. There are some electronic devices due to which people gave up walking, these mobile devices include treadmills.
There are increase rates of road accidents this also contributes in declining the number of pedestrians the number of pedestrians have declined to 30% in downtown Los Angeles since 1961. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Assaily.JP(258) the rates of pedestrian accidents have increased in United States hence safety of pedestrian has become a burning issues these days. One of the reports of NHTSA showed that annually 4,100 pedestrians die in road accidents after every one or two hours, various rules should be formulated in order to provide safety to the pedestrians like designing zebra crossing and placing signals everywhere especially on all the busy roads like enforcing laws to limit. However, it is responsibility of pedestrians to take some protective measure too like they should pay full attention to roads while crossing it instead of being busy on a call as it diverts their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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