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Electronic Medical Record Implementation in Correctional Facilities Kenia Perez HCS/587 July 29th, 2013 Amy Reed, MHSA, RN Electronic Medical Record Implementation in Correctional Facilities The need for electronic record keeping in the correctional facility It is no doubt that the world today is living in a technology age…
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Electronic medical record implementation in correctional facilitites
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Download file to see previous pages The significance of assessable and consistent medical records continues to be the objective of the health care and correctional facilities. The usefulness of electronic medical records cannot be underestimated. Electronic medical records will serve as the core source of information for patient care. The utilization of information technology to keep records allows capturing, processing and integration of more data. This will provide meaningful information as well as contribute to the knowledge of authorized users for lawful uses. In the contemporary world, people have increasingly become aware of their rights. People have become empowered, and thus demand for better services from servicer givers. As such, there is the need to implement electronic record keeping and enhancing customer/patient expectations. The organization also needs to implement electronic record keeping so as speeding patient treatment. It usually takes some time before a patient’s record can be accessed from the manual record. Embracing information technology in record keeping will help expedite patient treatment (Rodin, Jennifer, & Sharon, 2012). Accessing records from online records will be taking less than a minute when there is an information technology technocrat in the records department. ...
Adopting comprehensive electronic records is a long and expensive process. Financial and time cost is mainly involved in containing, managing, and recouping costs. Other direct costs that are a barrier to electronic records keeping are the cost of purchasing information technology equipment and training costs. Another organizational barrier is the fear of having the staff buy-in to the organizational change option. It is quite a challenging exercise to have the hospital staff to accept the option of having to change from manual means of record keeping to electronic record keeping. In correctional facilities that have already embraced electronic records, the management expressed that it is a critical challenge to convince the staff on the need for the organizational change. Many staffs have noteworthy concerns with regard to the anticipated upheaval and changes in their daily and routine activities. The concerns are usually compounded by ambiguity regarding the potential merits that the new system will bring (Rodin, Jennifer, & Sharon, 2012). Correctional facilities also encounter training barriers. Organizations experience tremendous logistical challenges in training virtually the staff and the community on how to use electronic records. The organization needs to enlarge their information technology staff to operate with electronic records vendor in a bid to customize the system. This includes adding information technology knowledgeable clinicians who would bridge the conversation involving practice and technology. The organization may also lack a change agent to help it midwife the process of system changeover (Borkowski, 2009). During organizational change, it is essential to have an appropriate change agent to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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