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Generating Evidance for Evidence-based Practice - Thesis Proposal Example

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Generating Evidence for Evidence-based Practice Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment Generally, the organizational culture of a health institution such as a registered nursing training provider such as the one under discussion refers to the prescribed manner in which things are done there (Bennett and Medearis, 2003)…
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Generating Evidance for Evidence-based Practice
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Extract of sample "Generating Evidance for Evidence-based Practice"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational culture is often discussed hand-in-hand with readiness assessment when thinking of the implementation of systems such as an electronic based competency records because organizational cultures are not readily changed and as such, if there is no effective readiness assessment in place, changes are that the changes will not be effectively undertaken. Having said this, it is important to point out that readiness assessment is a much integrated approach that is used in measuring how agile the need to undertake changes within a healthcare facility can take place. In effect, a readiness assessment that is directed at comparing the effect of completeness when converting inpatient registered nurse competency records from a paper to an electronic document system would consider a number of factors and that could either speed up the change process or slow it down. Some of these factors could be internal or external and generally constitute the environmental factors affecting change (Grayson, 2008). Specific examples of these could be mentioned as issues of technology, infrastructure, personnel, social adaptability, among others. Problem Description Background of the problem The importance of RN competence records can never be overshadowed in a healthcare setting where the need for ensuring high class training of nurses is a priority (Kalb, 1999). In the midst of the relevance and importance of keeping competence records in ensuring positive nurse attitude, nurse functions and education, it will be admitted that there is currently a paradigm shift where much focus is no the use of technology in guaranteeing and assuring efficiency and effectiveness (McKessy et al, 2008). It is against this background that it is important to assess the impact that an electronic competence record would have on nursing practice. Stakeholders/change agents In a bid to ensuring the effective use of RN competence records, there are a number of stakeholders whose roles stand out so clear and importantly in the delivery of responsibilities. Whether by the use of the traditional paper and pen competence records system or by using the electronic system, certain key stakeholders need to play relevant roles to bring about changes in the delivery of responsibilities within the hospital responsible for the training of the nurses. On a broader perspective, these stakeholders will be identified as the curriculum planners, supervisors/trainers, nurses/trainees, and the larger society. As stakeholders, the present proposal is going to affect these agents directly. For example the curriculum planners are going to be equipped with useful policies that need to be incorporated into existing curriculum provisions for trained and registered nurses in order to ensure a sound transition from traditional competence records to electronic competence records. Supervisors and trainers are also going to have their works and duties enhanced whiles the larger community is going to benefit from an effectively trained nurse with all necessary competence mastered. The evidence-based question Throughout the conduct of the evidence-based practice, there is going to be one pivotal question that is going to guide the researcher on the trend of data collection and the scope of literature review. Essentially, the evidence-base ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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