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Conducting a Lecture - Essay Example

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Conducting a Lecture Name: Institution: Course: Tutor Date Introduction Genetic disorders are illnesses that are caused by abnormalities in the genomes of an individual; these disorders are usually present from birth of the person and are usually inherited by being passed from the parents genes…
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Conducting a Lecture
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Download file to see previous pages This essay will look at the different forms of methods that are usable in training to ensure both the nursing professionals and the nursing students get all the information that the lecture on genetic disorders is intended to pass on to them (Oermann & Gaberson, 2006) Lecture Presentation Nurses who have been in practise for some times tend to be repellent to new ideas and discoveries in the field of genetic disorders, this is because most of the information that they are being presented with is contradictory to the information that they were taught when they were in school or that they have grown up knowing. This therefore, requires that the method that is to be used to teach the adult nurses be convincing enough to make them change their views relating to the specific disorder. This will require the use of real life cases and a lot of research statistics on the cases in order to convince them to change the views and information that they previously held. In the case of students who are pursuing a degree in nursing, accepting new information is easy, as they did not have any other contradicting view or information previously. Teaching them will require just the new piece of information and the outdated information may be just for history purposes to show the evolution of information on the subject of genetic disorders. ...
eport to duty in their station s therefore they require that the methods of presentation be short, in which theory without practical would do perfectly. Bachelor of nursing students, in most cases do not have knowledge or prior experience in dealing with genetic disorders therefore in presenting the information to them, it will require imparting both the theory and practical skills on how to handle genetic disorder cases (Billings & Halstead, 2009). This therefore will require the students to be exposed to a health institution that deals with genetic disorder cases in order to gain practical experience on top of learning theory bit of the disorder. The differences in age between practising nurses and the students will determine the speed in which any of the two groups will grasp information on genetic disorders. Studies have shown that the young people understand faster compared to the older people and in view of this, the way the trainer is to present information to the practising nurses will be through use of methods that will simplify the information for quick understanding. Some of the methods that a trainer may use include use of both print and visual materials that include charts in order to simplify the information for them to understand much faster and with ease. In addition, PowerPoint presentation and real life cases of patients present in the sessions would also help the nurses to understand much easier. In passing the information to bachelor of nursing students whose memory retention capacity is higher to that of the practising nurses, it will be much easier for them to grasp, therefore the methods of passing the information to them should be fast. In addition, the method should ensure that information on genetic disorders that is passed to the students is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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