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How students understand the lectures notes - Essay Example

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A lecture is an oral presentation with the intention of teaching people about a particular thing or subject especially in a university or any other institution of higher learning. A lecturer is a person who conveys this information and he/she stands in front of the class when…
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How students understand the lectures notes
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Extract of sample "How students understand the lectures notes"

How understand the lectures s. How understand the lectures s. Introduction A lecture is an oral presentation with the intention of teaching people about a particular thing or subject especially in a university or any other institution of higher learning. A lecturer is a person who conveys this information and he/she stands in front of the class when representing the information. During the representation, lectures recite out notes that are perceived differently by different students. This essay describes how different students understands the lecturer’s notes and how to get the best out of the lecture.
Taking notes and understanding them continues to be a major challenge for many students especially the disabled. According to Hughes and Suritsky (2006), students usually struggle to keep pace with their lecturers and more often not sure on what to take down as notes. Majority do not like asking their fellow students for fear of disclosing their disability making it even more difficult to understand these notes.
Other students find it very difficult to understand lecturer’s notes because of the language used. Some lecturers, for example, use English when lecturing, but English is not their first language. Following such lecturer’s notes is incredibly hard unless one makes a lot of extra efforts. Other lecturers use coded language and short sentences that are difficult to follow. Some use shorthand abbreviation and symbols that are hard to understand. However, there are other students who understand lecture notes with ease. According to research that was carried by Trent University (n.d), there are certain things that a student should do before, during and after the lecture. Before the lecture student should reflect on the topic and anticipate what will be covered. More importantly, one should review the previous lectures notes and do the assigned readings to anticipate on their relationship with the next lecture.
During the lecture, one should not necessarily write down anything that is given out. Listen carefully for the main points, and cue words used by the lecturer. Know what to write down, for example, new facts and points which the lecturer pauses on or repeats. In addition, develop your personal note taking system. For instance, develop your own abbreviations and symbols and learn to write notes in point form.
Research shows students who leave lecture halls before time lose a lot of significant information of what they learn (Longman and Atkinson, 2009). Instead, one should review the tutors notes after it ends. Outlining all the main points and filling all the blank spaces is vital. Additionally, discuss the notes with the peers because this will not only help you process the information but also fill the gaps.
Although lecturing has been greatly criticized as a method of teaching, universities and colleges have not found another practical method in most of their courses. However, the notes that are given out by the teacher may not necessarily be enough material for the course. In this case consider for more additional resources from the tutor. One should also try consulting other faculty members from the institution. Finally, there are other studying strategies that one can result in. One way is forming group discussions with other students. If these peers know, they can show you and if they do not, figure it together.
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Hughes, Suritsky (2006).Listening and Note Taking During Lectures. Read More
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