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Quality Assurance Procedure With Regard To Student's Ability-Based Assessment - Essay Example

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Quality Assurance Procedures With Regard To Student’s Ability-Based Assessment Quality assurance plays a vital role in ensuring effective management of an organization. It refers to a number of review procedures which are designed to safeguard academic standards, and promote educational opportunities for students of good quality…
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Quality Assurance Procedure With Regard To Students Ability-Based Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will explore an analysis of quality assurance with regard to Student ability-based assessment. The paper will also develop and examine the underlying issues and causes that trigger student’s ability-based assessment as a way of quality assurance in college. Student’s Ability-Based Assessment Institutions of higher learning for adults are very complex and dynamic. It is, thus, necessary to carry out student ability-based assessments for lecturers to be able to understand whether what they teach in the classroom is being understood by the students. Student ability-based assessment is seen to lead to program assessment. Wilkin (2000 p.18) notes that the ultimate goal is not only to determine the student’s competency but also to determine corrective actions that may be taken to ensure that competency is reached. Student assessment scores are also used by the college as a measure of yearly progress (Denton and Brown 2009 p.217-229). Cicchelli and Ashby-Davis (2011) argues that one of the major determinants of achievement of the learning task is to be able to establish the cognitive-entry characteristics of a person. Therefore, it is important to assess such entry characteristics before issuing instructions since many lecturers today are faced with teaching exceptional students and adults in the regular classroom. What triggered the introduction of student ability-based assessment in my college was the fact that a number of students were found only to show competencies in some of the subjects without due regard to the others. For example, in a course that exhibits two abilities as outcomes targets, some students were found to perform superbly in one, in which they even obtain a grade (“A”) but could completely show a big contrast in the other with a grade “F”. In some situations, the overall grade of some students would reflect an average performance of grade “C” giving the student opportunity to progress through the curriculum. However, the truth of the matter is that the student lacks the ability to be deemed necessary by the faculty of the college. For this reason, the college administration, through assessment division, deemed it necessary for student assessments to be done as a quality assurance procedure so that a curriculum based on the student’s ability can be introduced as suggested by Denton and Brown (2009 p.217-229). The introduction of student ability-based assessment was also to enable the college set a curriculum that is able to nature students with competence in their areas of study that meet labor market demands. This is after a survey showed that many graduates of the college lacked expected competency that meets the skills demanded in the labor market. The initial perception among the students was that the assessment was being carried out as a normal exam test procedure. It was until late that students came to discover that it was a way of examining individual student competency so that the college administration could come up with student curriculum validation procedures that meet the skills required in the labor market. Analysis of the Incident Wilkin (2000 P.6) argues that national demand for educational accountability has triggered interest in a number of assessment techniques through which institutions of learning can demonstrate responsibility and effectiveness. Ability-based education is such an approach used as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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