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Reflection (Case study methods) - Research Paper Example

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Case study methods What insights have you gained through the case study method and how will you transfer these insights to new contexts? The case study method enables one to access information that would have been otherwise difficult to obtain, due to the richness and depth of the information; it is more useful and helpful as compared to any data acquired through other methods of research…
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Reflection paper (Case study methods)
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Download file to see previous pages The case studies enable one to acquire knowledge and also aid in conducting experiments that can produce a hypothesis that can be used at a later date (Woodside, 2010). With this in mind, one can make it a habit to document the cases they get in their place of practice especially so if the disease was rare and also note how they deal with it so that it can be helpful to others in future. How has your learning in this course helped you to understand the complexity of the challenges you will face as an evolving leader? As a leader, one is expected to deal with the issues that arise in the workplace, be it issues between the workmates or members of the public that want the services the organization provides, a good leader understands that it his/her job to ensure that the organization runs smoothly. This cannot be without challenges as people possess different mindsets and are prone to butting heads regularly, through this course, a leader to be learns that dealing with people is subject to difficult moments but without the right guidance from their leader the workplace might crumble. In the field of public health, it is even more sensitive of an issue because of the importance of human life and the need for people to feel at ease with the place they have chosen to seek medical help (Acton, 2012). What specific strategies will you use to help you effectively address complex issues in the workplace? To effectively address complex issues in the workplace, as a leader one has to ensure that he/she and the other parties concerned have enough information about the problem at hand, if not, then measures to get this information should be put in place, either through research or training, because acquiring the knowledge and skills needed simplifies the situation. If the problem at hand especially in the medical field does not seem to have a straightforward way to deal with it, then the best move would be to look at previous cases that are related to what is currently being solved. Once such a case has been identified, the leader and the team can use the steps followed and incorporate their own along the way depending on the signs and symptoms of the disease or problem. To help deal with complex issues, another strategy would be to advise the workmates to read broadly and collect as much data as possible which can in turn be input in a data bank for easier referral in future (Edwards, 2010). How has working collaboratively to analyze complex issues and propose recommendations prepared you for the real-world experience? Working collaboratively instills the spirit of a team player in an individual since that will be expected in the future place of work, it opens one up to the thought processes and ideas of other people and helps one to think out of the box. This is because as one gets to interact with others, they become aware of the different skills and knowledge present in a world other than their own. It also gives one a sense of responsibility because being a part of a collaborative team means that everyone has their role to play and failure to do this is letting down the whole team and the results expected. Through giving recommendations, one learns to help solve a problem by giving ideas as to what they think should be done, this also gives one confidence in his abilities and show the other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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