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Every Research Design Should Have the Potential - Case Study Example

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The paper about research design presents detailed information about the selection of an appropriate research method, driven by the research question, and the exposure and depth of knowledge in the area being studied are critical for the success of any research project…
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Every Research Design Should Have the Potential
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Extract of sample "Every Research Design Should Have the Potential"

Download file to see previous pages The successful culmination of research depends on the focus of research question, design of the measurement strategy for important concepts embedded within the research question, designing the research study to answer the questions posed, presentation of the results of research study using simple and appropriate techniques, preparation of tables and graphs in a persuasive manner. The subject under review is a journal article by Meredith Kolsky Lewis (2006) titled “The Lack of Dissent in WTO Dispute Settlement.” In the introduction the researcher states that “this article explores the issue in detail by examining the lack of dissent in WTO jurisprudence and concluding that the seeming unanimity of the decisions should be a cause for concern rather than celebration” (Lewis 2006, p. 896). The hypothesis states “Dissents can and do make a difference. Keeping the lid on dissents may ultimately erode the strength of the dispute settlement system and hinder the ability of the WTO Members to make appropriate changes to the Agreements” (ibid: Abstract. p. 895). This prompts the readers to critically analyze how far the researcher succeeded in establishing the hypothesis as well as the worth of the research approach in arriving at a final conclusion that may be useful for the improving performance of WTO.
Before attempting any analysis of the article we should remember that criticisms abound in research studies, and it is argued that the majority of surveys lacked a clear focus, employed sloppy methodology, and displayed partisanship. Methodological inadequacies, including procedures adopted to select the journal sample, the categories employed for analysis, and validity of the conclusions reached attribute mainly for the poor turn out of research papers. This researcher claims that “the fact that WTO disputes have been resolved almost entirely without dissenting opinion has garnered little scholarly attention,” which reflects the generalized view of the researcher that require an impartial study of the case (p. 896 ibid). Thus, the current analysis of the research paper, “The Lack of Dissent in WTO Dispute Settlement.” has to be carried out in the perspective of criticism raised by scholars about unethical research approaches as well as the views expressed in the journal article of review. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Every Research Design Should Have the Potential Case Study - 1, n.d.)
Every Research Design Should Have the Potential Case Study - 1.
(Every Research Design Should Have the Potential Case Study - 1)
Every Research Design Should Have the Potential Case Study - 1.
“Every Research Design Should Have the Potential Case Study - 1”.
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