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Community outreach project - Essay Example

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Nursing Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Community Outreach Project Advancing a new service associated with patient’s needs is an exciting part of clinical practitioners’ roles; however, service development concepts are complex nevertheless this does not prevent the process of taking part in initiating new service…
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Community outreach project
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Download file to see previous pages The mission of initiating a new service is to evaluate community-based library outreach programs using various components that are paired with relevant alternative strategies. In order to achieve its mission, there are various strategies that have to put into consideration to facilitate the process of community outreach program in the field of nursing. However, this paper intend to discuss two of those strategies and these encompasses directional strategy and market strategy. From research, a directional strategy is frequently developed focusing on different components such as, progress, steadiness, as well as cost cutting (Addis & Gamble, 2004). Therefore, for an organization intending to introduce a new service for patients, before establishing a directional strategy, it is vital to define the main objective of such an action. For instance, the main intention of this new service is to increase profits and cut costs at the same time, while improving the lives of patients through the community outreach program. By identifying the objective of introducing the new service, it becomes easier to choose the best type of directional strategy that suits the outreach program (Kreuter, Lezin & Young, 2000). For example, by using cost-cutting strategy, it will be easy to carry out rationalizations, eradicating particular products from the line before introducing the new one, or even file for impoverishment or selling out. The significance of a directional strategy is to play as a control to direct an organization through both peaceful and unsettled times (Berwick, 2003). Directional strategy helps in maintaining the objective of the new service to be introduced in the market; it also stabilizes and helps in the expansion of profits as well as makes it possible for the business to move forward with its activities without losing tract of the intended project. The key objective of a directional strategy is to keep the business focused in the planned manner probable while proceeding to expand both returns and services provided to patients in the community outreach program. In most cases, directional strategies enable the introduction or the initiation of the new service to develop in one of the two paths. These include either perpendicular or straight expansion. In this case, vertical expansion implies that introducing the new service will focus on present clients and clients increase their spending on the new service or establishing new clients with the new service. On the other hand, horizontal expansion encompasses pursuing new customers and those clients in the immediate location to enjoy the new service that is being offered. It also involves enlarging the outreach to other areas in order to expand the client base of the new service. Another strategy that will be used in this process includes the market strategy. As it is known, a strategy is always a long-term plan that is established to attain particular objectives. Thus, a market strategy is a plan developed to attain marketing goals for the new service intended to be introduced in the nursing field (Whitney, Dutcher& Keselman, 2013). For instance, marketing goal may be to initiate a new service by appreciating clients or patients. The strategic plan thus is the complete planning that includes marketing research, and then establishing a marketing mix to appreciate clients. It is essential for every business or organization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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