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Is it a good or bad thing for family/loved ones to be present during a code/resuscitation effort in the emergency department I' - Essay Example

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Family/loved ones in code/resuscitation effort in the emergency department Name Institution Tutor Date Family/loved ones in code/resuscitation effort in the emergency department Background Initially, in case a sick person is admitted in a health facility, the members of their family are taken away from their relative into another room whereas the medical staff uses life-saving procedures to save the patient (Hung and Pang, 2011)…
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Is it a good or bad thing for family/loved ones to be present during a code/resuscitation effort in the emergency department I
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Extract of sample "Is it a good or bad thing for family/loved ones to be present during a code/resuscitation effort in the emergency department I'"

Download file to see previous pages Several studies indicate that observing the resuscitation procedure helps members of the patient’s family understand everything that was performed to save their relative (Hung and Pang, 2011). Some studies indicate long-lasting undesirable effects in members of the family who witnessed resuscitation, like anxiety, sadness among others (Hung and Pang, 2011). The benefits of family members/loved ones' presence in the ER during a code situation appear to outweigh the possible negative effects of witnessing such a traumatic event. However, there must be considerations made in determining to try to encourage or discourage family/loved ones being in the same room during emergency resuscitation in regards to patient family and hospital staff. Relative perspective The presences of members of a family/loved ones at the point of death of a family member is commonly accepted in serious medical care situations, when the main concern of care moves from medical care of the seriously sick person to the communal, psychic and emotional comfort of the sick person and of their members of family (Hung and Pang, 2011). ...
Their presence fosters gratitude for the determination of the medical team to ensure they did everything they could to save the patient. Their presence also enhances a sense of usefulness by presenting pertinent evidence to the medical group and actively encouraging the patient either through praying, touch, comforting (Hung and Pang, 2011). Additionally, it gives a chance for the patient’s conditions to be stated to the members of staff. It also facilitates the necessity to be with their sick relative. This presence provides relief to their patients and makes them know that the family members are present. It also strengthens the patient’s mind to live (Hung and Pang, 2011). Some researchers like Hung and Pang (2011) note that the presence tends to support patient and family connection and bonding, and it encourages a strong physical association between the patients and their patients’ throughout resuscitation. It tends to reduce the guilt about running away from the patient when in crisis, and it offers a chance to give the patients farewell. Lastly, this presence allows family members to hold their relatives while he or she is still alive (Hung and Pang, 2011). It has been stated that a lot of family/loved ones prefer to be near, partially to their loved ones to make sure that everything achievable is done for their relatives because they feel that their attendance may affect the medical outcomes; though views on family/loved ones observed resuscitation differ extensively (MacLean et al, 2006). Researchers recommend that organized resuscitation efforts can permit a bond to advance between family/loved ones and the resuscitation groups, convince families that their relatives are in good hands (MacLean et al, 2006). In case of death, this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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