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Emergency Event - Assignment Example

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This research, Emergency Event, is about hazards and disasters that result in an emergency event. The aim of this research is to answer questions like what is a disaster, and what and how does it affect the community and an individual. What is its whole implication to the entire country? …
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Emergency Event
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Download file to see previous pages On this research the role of the ambulance paramedics are explained as well as the roles of the police. The impact of a disaster such as bushfire on tourism and environment is discussed. The federal government together with the private sectors is working hand in hand on emergency management. Efforts that are being made by Emergency Management Australia involve public education through publications, training of staff, updating of technology, and funding. The overall goal of the research is to make it clear that preparedness is the key to lessen the impact of disaster.
A disaster is the effect of an occurrence that has caused tremendous damage to people and community. The aim of this paper is to show what disaster is and its effect on people and community, and to be able to combat the devastating outcome it may bring by truly understanding it, and by applying significant safety measures whenever applicable. The nature of disasters varies in forms and attacks, and generally unpredictable. It may be a result of natural phenomenon like typhoon, tornado, or earthquake but sometimes it is due to human error or irresponsibility. However, there are times when a disaster is a result of both. Its frequency can differ; it can occur more often and therefore can post a greater risk. The result of its impact differs; for example a tornado may last only fifteen minutes while a drought may stretch for years. It can come without warning, but sometimes its onset is slow, allowing longer warning time. It can invade a small area sometimes, but there are times when the encroachment it makes is so devastatingly wide, like the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines. It also has different potential levels of destruction, while a cyclone may devastate an entire city, a bridge that collapsed may only affect a small area. Its relation to human vulnerability and control may also vary.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emergency Event Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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